Russian 3D Printing Goes Nuclear

While Russia has its fair share of 3D printingā€“related businesses and research activities, the country may be farther behind in adoption when compared to the United States, Europe and the rest of Asia. 

Controversy Surrounds the Picaso 3D Printer?

We wrote earlier on the Russian-made Picaso Designer 3D printer. Now we’ve seen some evidence of strange goings-on in that company’s market. Picaso issued a press release stating (via translation):    Due to the spread of false information and the advent of the Internet many sites do not have permission to sell products Picaso 3D,… Continue reading Controversy Surrounds the Picaso 3D Printer?

The Picaso Designer 3D Printer

Region manufacturers seem to exist in every area. That paradigm continues with the Russian-made Picaso Designer personal 3D printer.    It’s a filament-based device, like many regional machines, capable of printing either PLA or ABS plastic, offering fairly typical specifications:    Build volume of 200 x 200 x 200mm Layer size of 0.05mm Minimum wall… Continue reading The Picaso Designer 3D Printer

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Fabbing in Russia and Ukraine

3D printing exists almost everywhere in the world. Our blog receives visits from hundreds of countries, so it’s no surprise to find 3D printing activity in Ukraine and Russia. We came across Stereolia, who provide 3D printing services from the Ukraine and serving Russia.    Stereolia operates a 3D print shop, where designers can upload… Continue reading Fabbing in Russia and Ukraine

Fabbing in Russia

We received a note from the gentlemen at, apparently the first company to offer personal 3D printer gear in both Russia and the Ukraine. The new operation resells two 3D printer models: MakerBot’s Thing-O-Matic and the Buildatron. They’re also offering the David 3D Laser Scanner.    As 3D printing interest grows, we’ll continue to… Continue reading Fabbing in Russia