Design of the Week: Scoop

By on September 26th, 2016 in Design


 The ideal 3D print: a scoop
The ideal 3D print: a scoop

This week’s selection is the elegantly simple “Scoop” by YouMagine contributor Zayak. 

There’s not much to explain about this item, it’s a scoop. Just a scoop. It scoops up stuff. Any kind of stuff. 

But as a subject for 3D printing, it is a beautiful object with many positive attributes. Consider:

It’s a smooth object requiring no retractions during printing, making it printable on almost any 3D printer, no matter how poorly set up. And no support required!

The scoop is dimensionless – it can be resized easily to any size your printer or hand can accommodate and still be quite functional.

 This shape is literally made for 3D printing
This shape is literally made for 3D printing

There’s no assembly required, no moving parts that may or may not work, no snaps that don’t fit and no holes that are too small. 

It’s functional! This is something that you can indeed 3D print and immediately use in real-life situations. And it’s almost guaranteed to work. 

This is pure simplicity: a 3D design you can print for immediate function, a humble scoop. And that’s why it’s design of the week. 

via YouMagine

By Kerry Stevenson

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