HoloLens App Shows How 3D Modeling Works for Augmented/Mixed Reality

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 Exanaview mixed reality real time 3D authoring
Exanaview mixed reality real time 3D authoring

Little by little augmented/mixed reality (AR/MR) is slipping past the surly bonds of consumption with more and more imagining, nay DEMONSTRATING, what 3D design could be like using devices that are, at least, sure to give us chuckles at the possibilities and, at most, completely take over our every waking hour.

Exanaview is a very, VERY basic modeling app with capabilities that include Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) modeling, selection, highlighting, sectioning and measuring. However, it has one big feature no other 3D modeling app has yet to venture toward – 3D spatial authoring. In other words, real-time, 3D environmental modeling via a mixed reality headset (like the Microsoft HoloLens).

There’s no being completely closed off from your surroundings and there’s no QR code printing and moving either. In the Exanaview 3D spatial authoring demonstration, everything is dependent on the HoloLens spatial mapping capabilities. Here’s a brief demonstration showing passages being made inside a room through a series of clicks and selections.

So, the video is enough to induce some tender-lovin’ vertigo, but you get the idea, and the ramifications for 3D authoring in industries from architectural/BIM and landscaping to product, aircraft, and automotive design is immense. As long as there is an area which can be accurately mapped, the potential is wide open. This could start with modeling up an engine from a physical chunk of stock material or remodeling a 100 year old structure.

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