StilNest Enlarges?

 Some of Stilnest's 3D printed products
Some of Stilnest’s 3D printed products

A 3D print retail operation intends on hiring quite a few new staff, suggesting they’ve been very successful. 

We haven’t written a story on Stilnest since I first saw them almost four years ago. They’re an online shop that sells 3D printed jewelry and fashion items. 

That’s not a unique business venture, as there are a huge number of such operations these days. The problem is that with such competition it’s very difficult to get ahead and make money. Many such operations have opened, slowed and closed in recent years as it’s simply very difficult to get the public’s attention. 

Years ago it was a bit easier as the words “3D Printed Stuff” conveyed a kind of magical quality to otherwise normal products. That attraction helped build many companies, but it that magic was transitory as people eventually became familiar with the concept. 

As of this writing, the Stilnest has listed no less than a dozen job openings for their Berlin-based operation. These include roles in technical, administrative and marketing.   

Hiring twelve people is a big step for any small company, particularly a 3D printing startup. Thus one could conclude that they’re either very successful and can expect to fund the new salaries, or have suddenly received a bulk investment to expand.

It’s good to see a company be able to properly leverage 3D printing technology into what appears to be a sustainable business. 

Via Stilnest and 3D Printing Media Network

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