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The Stilnest Option

We had a chat with the nice folks from Stilnest, who operate an online 3D print store. Many such shops have recently emerged, so many that it's getting difficult to distinguish them. 
So what does Stilnest do? 
They practice what we might call, "extreme curation". Where other shops go for quantity, Stilnest focuses on quality. They seek out specific artists and feature them prominently on the site. This is quite evident as you browse their catalog, where it's not easy to find the unattractive items that so often clutter other sites. Their tagline: "A Nest for contemporary design 3D printed & handcrafted".
We understand that participating artists are paid a portion of the fee buyers pay to obtain a print of the work, with the remainder going to Stilnest to support the site. 
Stilnest also provokes new designs via "projects". One recent project is their "Cuckoo Project". Here's how it worked: 
Six artists from around the world - never met each other - are going to redesign the traditional cuckoo clock with the help of 3D printing, integrating social media features, hashtags and music. 
The final design was exhibited at the London 3D Printshow. 
If you're seeking for unusual 3D printed designs, Stilnest is a great place to look. 

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