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By on March 20th, 2017 in Design

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 The 3D printed
The 3D printed “Splashlight”

This week’s selection is the surprising Splashlight by Australia-based Avooq Creations. 

This simple print mimics the freeze-frame action of a spilling liquid, and adapted into a lighting form factor. 

The single-part print must be accompanied by the installation of a small light, perhaps a halogen or LED that is run up from the bottom to the top. 

 A Splashlight 3D printed in white material
A Splashlight 3D printed in white material

Then you attach an empty bottle on the top to complete the design. I’m sure you can supply the empty bottle easily. If your bottles are full, you know what to do. 

A great feature is the hidden underside where they have conveniently provided a channel through which your electrical wiring can pass without compromising the stability of the print. 

 The bottom of the Splashlight holds a channel for wiring
The bottom of the Splashlight holds a channel for wiring

One caution, however. Some lighting solutions generate high heat, which could compromise your print if it is made with a low-temperature plastic such as PLA. Best to print this one in a higher temperature plastic and use a cool LED for illumination. 

Another option would be to skip the lighting entirely and simply use the Splashlight as a bottle display. Easier, but not quite as exciting. 

 Three 3D printed Splashlights
Three 3D printed Splashlights

The 3D model is freely downloadable from MyMiniFactory, which has an enormously large collection of fully-tested 3D printable models. Avooq Creations recommends printing this with 0.2mm layers at 20% infill, but you can choose other settings for your situation. 

Via MyMiniFactory

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