E3D Announces the Titan Aero

By on March 24th, 2017 in Hardware

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 The new E3D-Online Titan Aero
The new E3D-Online Titan Aero

3D printer hardware maker E3D-Online announced today the Titan Aero, an interesting combo product. 

The company is well-regarded in the desktop 3D printer community, as their E3D V6 all-metal hot end has become a kind of defacto standard among several 3D printer manufacturers and hobbyist designers. 

E3D-Online also produces the Titan extruder, often used with the E3D V6 hot end. But now the company has decided to combine the two together, and that’s what the Titan Aero is: an extruder AND a hot end. 

The result is a more compact assembly that will occupy less vertical space in the build chamber. You know what that means: more vertical build space! 

The compactness should also assist with reliability, as the integrated unit provides a very small distance between the extruder and hot end, leaving far less opportunity for filament misbehavior. 

Meanwhile, the hot end portion retains the performance of its sibling, the E3D V6, with reliable 3D printing at the very warm temperature of 400C. This enables printing of unusual high temperature materials. 

 Another view of E3D-Online's Titan Aero extrusion ssytem
Another view of E3D-Online’s Titan Aero extrusion ssytem

The Titan Aero is also part of E3D-Online’s modular system, meaning you can interchange and connect a wide variety of other elements with the Titan Aero. This should make it extremely easy to implement within an existing 3D printer design, especially if it already  uses E3D-Online components. 

The Titan Aero is available now as a complete kit for new installations or as a conversion kit for those using the old Titan extruder, in both 1.75 and 3.00mm versions. 

This seems to be a natural progression for E3D-Online, who wisely focus on refining specific components before attempting the more ambitious combination here. If the separate components are known to work well, then the combination should as well. 

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