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 A 3D printed
A 3D printed “Face Mug”

This week’s selection is the unusual 3D print Face Mug by CGtrader contributor Denis Kniaz.

This is, obviously, a simple mug, but it includes a couple of interesting design features that attracted our eyes. 

The design includes an interior hollow section that will contain air after 3D printing. This will form an insulating layer that should assist in storing hot liquids. 

You can see how this is done in this cut-away view, showing the void portion that encompasses the entire cylinder. 

 Interior of the 3D printed Face Mug showing the insulated layer and hole to release unfused powder
Interior of the 3D printed Face Mug showing the insulated layer and hole to release unfused powder

The second unusual feature is one that is missing: there is NO handle on this mug!

So how, exactly, does one use this mug? You must grab it by the nose to lift it. I recommend putting your thumb under the nose and a finger on the top for leverage. I have not seen a mug like this previously, and it should be fun to hold your mug’s nose while drinking. 

I should caution you about 3D printing this particular model: you should 3D print this in a foodsafe material, such as ceramic. For that you may have to use a 3D print service, if you don’t have the ability to do so yourself. 

 Three views of the 3D printed Face Mug
Three views of the 3D printed Face Mug

If you 3D print this mug with standard extrusion-based desktop 3D printers, you may end up with an unusable mug. The layers will certainly leak, and capture bacteria after first use. As well, the void may collect other bad stuff. Best to use ceramic. 

It may also be possible to apply a surface sealant to an extrusion print of the Face Mug to avoid these problems. If that’s the case, definitely do not use PLA as your material, since it will likely soften significantly when exposed to a hot americano. 

This 3D model is available for purchase at CGTrader, where it can be downloaded for only USD$12.90.  

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