Bitonti Technology’s New 3D Generative API

Francis Bitonti and one of his 3D printed fashions

There are 3D print fashion designers, and there are fashion designers who go a bit farther. One of them is Francis Bitonti.

Bitonti has been working in the 3D print field of fashion design for many years, and we’ve seen his works at multiple exhibitions. In fact, our records show that he’s been awarded our Design of the Week selection not just once, or twice, but THREE times!

Bitonti has also developed countless other intricate 3D printed fashion items, including an astonishing collection of flatware and the incredible “Dita’s Gown”.

There’s one thing in common among all these amazing 3D objects: they are generated mathematically through brilliant use of software by Bitonti and team. With many years of experience using mathematical systems to generate astonishing designs, is there something more Bitonti could do? 

 Incredible 3D printed shoes by Bitonti Studio
Incredible 3D printed shoes by Bitonti Studio

Indeed there is. According to a report on Forbes, the designer is about to launch Bitonti Technology, a spin off that will focus on making that powerful 3D model generation capability available to more people. They explain: 

Bitonti Technology will be launching their GENYSIS API program which will use generative algorithm programs that create lattice patterns, topology, optimization and machine learning capability combined with a CAD framework. The new company will be focusing exclusively on generative algorithms.

In other words, designers can work with a synthesis of information and design parameters and turn it into design. Think of it like the way Netflix gathers information as you browse.  What if you could turn those browsing patterns into design? 

 A 3D printed flatware collection designed by Bitonti Studio
A 3D printed flatware collection designed by Bitonti Studio

I’d say that this development could be quite important for the future of 3D printing and design, as the use of such sophisticated systems is likely beyond a great many designers of today. But by packaging it up into a system that can be made into apps, one could easily imagine a torrent of incredible designs being unleashed. 

 The 3D printed Bristle Dress by Bitonti Studio
The 3D printed Bristle Dress by Bitonti Studio

There are few details on this project aside from the report on Forbes, but it appears that the venture will launch later this year and at that time we’ll find out what this service really means. 

Via Forbes and Studio Bitonti

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