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 Frank Marangell
Frank Marangell

BigRep recently announced the appointment of Frank Marangell as their President of US Operations and the Executive Vice President of Global Sales.

He is not new to the 3D Printing Industry. He has been the President of Objet, the VP of Global Field Operations with Stratasys and the President & CEO of Rise. We had the opportunity to ask Frank Marangell a few questions about his new role with BigRep. 

Fabbaloo: You went from a startup company with Rize to another startup however a more established company at BigRep with more than 70 employees . What are the challenges you anticipate with the change in company development?

Frank MarangellIt is more of an opportunity than a challenge since it is a more established organization.  The BigRep ONE is the best large format 3D printer in the market and now I am joining the company as they are releasing the new BigRep Studio.  This system is the perfect combination of large format 3D printing in a smaller package with many added features. The company is now well poised for expansion in every aspect of its business and I am very excited to be part of the BigRep team and their long-term potential.

FabbalooHow are you planning on expanding your team in the US and growing your business?

Frank Marangell: I was brought in to grow the BigRep organization in the US as well as shape the global team. I have been creating and leading 3D printing businesses for the past 12 years. I plan to use this expertise to create a professional field operation that will market, sell and support our systems in the US and globally.

Fabbaloo: How did you first become interested in 3D Printing? 

Frank MarangellI have introduced several international technology companies to the US market over my career.  In 2006 when Objet was looking to start up their US operations they called me.  As soon as I saw a design go from CAD to part I had to jump in.  I became the Objet US president and have been in the 3D printing industry ever since.

Fabbaloo: Will your reside in New York City? 

Frank Marangell: We will keep the operation in Brooklyn as well as open an office in the Boston area where I currently reside.  As you probably know Boston is the US hub of 3D printing expertise and will allow us to grow the team with experienced 3D printing personnel.

FabbalooYour partnership with TNO is, I’m sure, proving to be successful to accelerate your research and development. Are there any gaps in the US market that you plan on filling with similar partnerships? 

Frank MarangellBigRep is planning to introduce many 3D printing solutions.  Partnerships like TNO allow us to achieve those aggressive goals and we will continue to look for solution partners to support those goals.

FabbalooWhat are your most important learnings you will be bringing with you to BigRep that you discovered while working for Rize and Objet? 

Frank MarangellThe 3D printing industry is really a small community.  I know that the entire 3D printing ecosystem speaks, listens and learns from each other.  BigRep will succeed by being an active player in that ecosystem and providing customers what we promise, building our business with great products and excellent customer satisfaction. 

Fabbaloo: How much potential really exists for very large-format 3D printing that can be performed by BigRep equipment? Are there many companies looking for big prints?

Frank MarangellWe are learning about more and more applications that fit the BigRep large format printers every day.  Our customers are finding it refreshing that they can build their larger parts in one piece, rather than splitting them into many pieces.  Also, they enjoy the ability to print many smaller parts at one time with our larger bed size.  As a bonus BigRep offers very affordable material pricing. We are only scratching the surface of the BigRep long term potential.

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