Beyond 3D Printed Houses

An exclusive interview with COBOD founder Henrik Lund-Nielsen about driving construction 3D printing innovation in infrastructures.

Onsite at MyMiniFactory

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with MyMiniFactory CEO Nebo Nikolic at their London HQ

Customer Engagement With Micro Additive Manufacturing

I sat down with Nanofabrica鈥檚 Executive Vice President Global Sales, Avi Cohen, to discuss the past, present, and future of micro additive manufacturing and the benefits and applications of the company鈥檚 Micro AM technology.

Rachel Park: 鈥淚 Grew Up In This Industry鈥

Rachel Park is a freelance writer and editor focused on 3D printing since 1996. She owns RP Editorial Services and is a Director of PYL Associates 鈥 and she is our Women in 3D Printing guest #274.

3D Printing The Tiniest Tools

I spoke with Avi Cohen, EVP Sales at Nanofabrica, for a look into why micro-scale precision in 3D printing is a huge achievement.