Design of the Week: Chromatic Vase

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 The amazing Chromatic Vase
The amazing Chromatic Vase

This week’s selection is the fascinating Chromatic Vase by designer Devin Montes.

Yes, it’s just a vase, but it’s not like most vases: this one is called “chromatic”, and that’s the truth. The design is devilishly clever in that its shape allows light to fall in attractive visual patterns.

The indentations that run diagonally catch light in unusual ways depending on how you view the piece. 

 Beautiful lines on the 3D printed Chromatic Vase
Beautiful lines on the 3D printed Chromatic Vase

It’s a stunning piece once printed, and I advise you do so using the highest resolution your equipment will permit. Either that or smoothing or painting the finished print will achieve similar results. 

You can see what I mean by loading the Chromatic Vase into a 3D visualizer and spinning it around to view from different angles. 

 One half of the 3D printable Chromatic Vase, for use in multimaterial 3D printers
One half of the 3D printable Chromatic Vase, for use in multimaterial 3D printers

There’s another option to make this print even more colorful: two STLs are provided that are either side of the curvy lines. If you happen to have access to a multimaterial 3D printer, you could print each side in a different color. 

In this way the vase appears to be colored differently depending on which angle you’re viewing it from. Amazing! Montes explains: 

Print this two color vase that changes color when you view it from different angles… or just print the single extruder monoChromatic in vase mode (spiralize) to appreciate the elegant lines.

One more thing: the monochrome version of this vase is provided as a completely solid 3D model. To print it as a vase, you’ll have to adjust your extrusion settings to have only a single wall or two, with no top layers and zero infill – sometimes this is called “vase mode”, depending on your 3D printer’s slicing software. Otherwise you will produce a rather attractive block!

The Chromatic Vase is available for free download at MyMiniFactory, and you might also consider checking out Montes’ YouTube videos at the “Make Anything 3D Printing Channel”. 

Via MyMiniFactory

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