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 The new, unreleased Dremel 3D45 desktop 3D printer
The new, unreleased Dremel 3D45 desktop 3D printer

With rumors of a new Dremel desktop 3D printer arriving soon, the company seems to be dumping the older version.

Dremel has made a reasonable business from relabeling slightly modified versions of successful Asia-produced desktop 3D printers, and it looks like they will continue doing so. 

The company’s market is DIY enthusiasts, just the type of individual that might be interested in an inexpensive  desktop 3D printer for a workshop to produce replacement parts or experimental components. They introduced their original IdeaBuilder in 2014.

 The original Dremel 3D20 desktop 3D printer (right) and the Flashforge model (left) upon which it was based
The original Dremel 3D20 desktop 3D printer (right) and the Flashforge model (left) upon which it was based

Currently they market two models, the IdeaBuilder 3D20 and IdeaBuilder 3D40. The 3D20 is essentially the same unit they introduced years ago, and it’s been well received. The 3D40 is a more advanced design that includes reliability, quality and ease of use improvements, including an intelligent extruder that monitors filament progress. 

A couple of months ago there was evidence that they’re about to release a new model, the 3D45, which unlike the other two models, includes a heated print surface, which enables the use of materials other than simple PLA. ABS and other thermoplastics can be 3D printed on the 3D45.  

So far we have not yet seen an announcement of the new 3D45. 

But we did see this: Dremel has marked down their 3D20 model by an astounding 50% on their Amazon store, changing the price from USD$999 to only USD$499. 

What does this mean? I suspect they’re clearing out inventory of the older model to make room for a new one, as manufacturers often do. 

That’s a pretty good deal for a decent desktop 3D printer. However, in the time that has elapsed since its introduction, many other competitors have emerged with similarly good products, and you will have to decide whether to invest in the older technology, an alternate product of similar price, or save the money to buy the 3D45 when it eventually is actually released. 

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