Must Read: The Fabbaloo Mailbag Never Disappoints

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 We are so confused when you write us
We are so confused when you write us

This episode of the Fabbaloo mailbag is as fun, shocking and stupefying, as usual. 

As a popular blog in the 3D print space, we are besieged daily with messages from all sources. Often we receive press releases, tips or other useful information that we filter through and produce easy to read stories for you, dear reader. 

But along with the useful incoming messages are a staggering number of messages of a questionable nature. They are not spam, and are indeed real messages from someone, somewhere. (We’ve removed any incriminating info.) 

Here are the best incoming messages from the latest batch, and our thoughts on them: 

How are you being? I’m XXX from XXX Company, currently working on the additive manufacturing. Found in your webpage, you are working on the transparent 3D printer. Could you kindly inform me more?

We are not working on a transparent 3D printer. We are not working on ANY 3D printer – we are a blog that writes about 3D printers! In any case, if we were working on a transparent 3D printer you could not see it anyway. 

Hello How are you  You have companies  at Thailand  pls send adrees  to me thank  you

No companies we have at Thailand no address for you

Glad to hear that you’re on the market for 3D shutter glasses for projector. 

We are? Who knew!

Am sending you this Inquiry to know if you do print flyers and if you do i will like you to please quote me on  Flyer printing with the following specs :

1. Measures 8.5′ x 11′.
2. Full Color.
3. 0.25 – White boarder.
4. 100# Gloss Text.
5. Quantity : 50,000 Copies .
6. One sided Printing.
7. I want it to be flat not Folded.

Somehow I think you should not be asking a faraway blog operation to do your paper printing and might be a lot better off asking a LOCAL PRINTSHOP! 

Dear Manager, We are in need of 3D-PRINTER’s for making products in composites (Carbon-Epoxy) Mail us the detailed specification (DATASHEET) and the BUDGETARY QUOTATION.

Dear Buyer, I’m afraid we do not offer ANY 3D-PRINTER’s and therefore cannot provide BUDGETARY QUOTATION or DATASHEET.

Dear Purchase manager, We are a professional plastic balls manufacturer with about 20 years experience history in China with the independent export rights. Our one product: Solid plastic balls (2mm-44.45mm diameters) Grade1, Grade2 ~as roll on ball in 3D printer slider.

If you need this balls, please do not hesitate to ask me freely.

Oh boy, do we need balls! I will ask you freely. 

The annual output of XXX is 500,000 pcs. And it is 3 million pcs for plastic barrels and 100,000 pcs for plastic pallets. We hope to have an honor of cooperating with you as packaging materials supplier.

We actually have been contemplating packaging our blog, and have been wondering how many plastic barrels of pcs would be required to completely enwrap each of our blog posts? How much is the shrink wrap machine for that? 

Я Вам ранее писал по-поводу того, что мы производим XXX, которые могут быть установлены на любые 3D принтеры и ЧПУ станки. Скажите пожалуйста, удалось ли ознакомиться? Интересует ли дилерское партнерство?

Maybe we are interested now because you ask in Russian, since we were definitely not interested when you asked in English earlier. 

Firstly I have to say thanks for created this kind of machine, about Fused Granular Fabrication or pallets here we very interested to buy one 3D large printer , as you say in you brochure you are working now with pellet extrusion system that is method that we looking for it .

I’ll comment about work here, we make molds of sand casting, as you know are of large dimensions therefore we need a machine which help us to created inasmuch as our wooden molds are very large for example I’m attach one case of dimension that we do here .

If we could buy the machine the price is included robot.

About ours models for sand casting are very huge for example here we have pieces 8m x 8m x 6m
Althogth in your wedside has a machine to transform pellets to filament?

Oh – our largest 3D printer is not quite EIGHT BY EIGHT BY SIX METERS! I don’t think any of our competitor blogs offer 3D printers of that size, either. 

Very glad to send E-mail to you, I’m XXX and have learned you are interest in bamboo cutting board. We are factory,which has 8 experience of producing bamboo cuting board in China, also is Walmart supplier. 

Very glad to read your E-mail, XXX, but we already have a cuting board with much experience. 

I want to know whether you sell Microwave. Email me the available sizes/models you have, or a link of them. 


By Kerry Stevenson

Kerry Stevenson, aka "General Fabb" has written over 8,000 stories on 3D printing at Fabbaloo since he launched the venture in 2007, with an intention to promote and grow the incredible technology of 3D printing across the world. So far, it seems to be working!