April Fool’s 2015 Recap

Yesterday was indeed April Fool’s day in many regions, and 3D printing blogs took full advantage. 

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Jeremy Clarkson Hired By Ultimaker

In a bold move, 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker has engaged well known British presenter Jeremy Clarkson as their new 3D printing spokesperson. 

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Epson Acquires RepRap

It’s a blockbuster move and one printer manufacturer Epson hopes will enable them to catch up to competitor Hewlett Packard in the 3D printing space: Epson has fully acquired the RepRap open source project. 

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Be Your Own Souvenir!

It’s not new but we just bumped into an interesting video of a project that took place in 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. The “Be Your Own Souvenir: A Take-Away Experience” project by blablabLAB won Honorary Mention in the Prix Electronica 2011.     As you’ll see in the video, passers-by were enticed into posing for… Continue reading Be Your Own Souvenir!

3B Printing?

Yes, we said “3B” printing. It’s definitely not a technology like 3D printing, but we thought you’d be interested in seeing it.    Created by liquor manufacturer Dewars, 3B printing was used for a promotion for their new “Highlander Honey” Scotch. It’s a relatively straightforward process: a custom-shaped form is filled with honeybees, who build… Continue reading 3B Printing?

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