A Professional Desktop 3D Printer With The Coolest Name: Juggerbot

By on October 2nd, 2017 in printer

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 The Juggerbot professional desktop 3D printer
The Juggerbot professional desktop 3D printer

An Ohio startup offers a very powerful professional 3D printer, the Juggerbot line.

The Juggerbot system has been under development since 2014, culminating in the current flagship model, the ME12C. 

The most notable feature of the machine is its dramatically huge touch screen, perhaps the largest I’ve yet seen on any 3D printer in any class. A close up reveals they’re running third party slicing software Simplify3D! This is quite interesting as it likely means operators of the Juggerbot machine will benefit from access to that powerful software. 

 The Juggerbot's massive front panel appears to be running Simplify3D
The Juggerbot’s massive front panel appears to be running Simplify3D

Juggerbot representatives explain they’re targeting the “media area manufacturing” market, I presume where they can provide a means to 3D print prototypes in a wide variety of materials. 

And what materials can this device 3D print? Many, it turns out, as the machine’s design philosophy is to support open materials; you can use anything you’d like to try. That said, the machine does support the usual 3D printing filaments, as well as nylon, PETG, PEEK and even ULTEM with its high temperature components. 

 Another view of the Juggerbot professional desktop 3D printer
Another view of the Juggerbot professional desktop 3D printer

The ME12C is priced at something close to USD$15,000, which is on par with machines of similar capability. At this time they company only sells direct, but they are seeking resellers to broaden their access to clients. If you happen to be a reseller looking for new 3D printer products, you might want to give these folks a shout. 

A second machine that we did not get a peek at is the MAAM, priced at approximately USD$25,000. It seems to be a much larger machine with similar material capabilities, and we’re told there is an option for “high performance”.

As for the product name, we don’t know the origin, but it’s definitely a good one. 

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