Design of the Week: Benedict Cumberbatch Sculpture

 A very realistic-looking Benedict Cumberbatch 3D model
A very realistic-looking Benedict Cumberbatch 3D model

This week’s selection is the well designed 3D sculpture of actor Benedict Cumberbatch by 3D Geppetto. 

The sculpture is a highly realistic representation of the well-known actor, who has recently appeared in many popular hits, including The Imitation Game, Doctor Strange and Star Trek Into Darkness. 

What I find fascinating about this 3D model is that it is not a 3D scan. No, instead it was modeled by hand, presumably based on 2D images from scratch. I’m a terrible sculptor myself, so anyone who can produce designs as lifelike as this is quite admirable. 

Who’s doing this modeling? It’s a Tehran-based “group of ZBrush designers”, who obviously have a lot of sculpting talent, called “3D Geppetto”.  

 Benedict Cumberbatch in stainless steel (left) and standard nylon (right)
Benedict Cumberbatch in stainless steel (left) and standard nylon (right)

The Cumberbatch can be ordered from Shapeways in a variety of materials, if you’d like to obtain a 3D print. Pricing ranges from USD$56 for the basic 80mm tall nylon print, up to a hefty USD$439 for the stainless steel version. 

I can understand if Benedict is not your cup of tea. If so, 3D Geppetto offers a number of other celebrity 3D models, including Eminem, Johnny Depp, Kobe Bryant, Taylor Swift, Peter Dinklage, Rihanna, and many other popular figures. Most are busts, but a few are full figures, all hand designed. 

And if any of those are not desirable, the company will actually make custom made 3D sculptures on request. Contact them directly for a quote if you’re interested. 

Via Shapeways, CG Trader and 3D Geppetto

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