The Builder Extreme 1000 is Improved!

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 The new Builder Extreme 1000 large format 3D printer
The new Builder Extreme 1000 large format 3D printer

Large format 3D printer buyers may want to check out the newly improved Builder Extreme 1000. 

We’ve seen the previous generation of this equipment last year and were startled by the massive size of the machine. Now that design has been improved. Earlier this year they updated their model 1500, and now the same treatment has been applied to the “smaller” model 1000.

I should tell you exactly how big these machines are, but you may have some idea from the image above, showing a typical human beside the model 1000. The 1000’s build volume is 700 x 700 s 820mm, the 1500’s is 1100 x 500 x 820mm, and the huge model 2000’s is 700 x 700 x 1820mm. Yes, huge!

The newly upgrade model 1000 has a couple of interesting and functional features not seen on the previous model. 

They’ve relocated the controller board subsystem to inside the enclosure. This drastically reduces the possibility of dust or other contaminations – and don’t worry about the board overheating as it is inside the build chamber: these machines print only relatively low temperature materials due to the size of the print volume. 

 The new Builder Extreme 1000's top mounted spool holder
The new Builder Extreme 1000’s top mounted spool holder

The top of the enclosure now includes a spot to rest two spools up to 4.5kg in size each. I should mention that there are spots for TWO spools because Builder includes a two filament / single nozzle system that can mix colors on the fly, or what might be more practical for such large machines is to use two spools of the same material for double the unattended run time by avoiding spool swaps. 

 The new Builder Extreme 1000 dual filament system
The new Builder Extreme 1000 dual filament system

All the new Builder Extreme series now includes a filament out detection system, which I think is a critical factor on large machines with very long running jobs. You don’t want to blow a print because you forgot to change the spool. 

These systems are also equipped with WiFi networking and onboard cameras for print monitoring. 

The Builder Extreme 1000 is now priced at €16,995 (USD$19,960).

While Builder machines have been available in Europe for years, the company is also now increasing its US market presence by opening a distribution office in Chicago. 

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