The CreatorBot 3D Pro Series II Professional Desktop 3D Printer

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 The CreatorBot 3D Pro Series II Professional Desktop 3D Printer
The CreatorBot 3D Pro Series II Professional Desktop 3D Printer

Today we’re looking at another desktop 3D printer option for professionals, the large CreatorBot 3D Pro Series II.

The CreatorBot series is developed by 3D PrinterWorks, who have been producing quality desktop 3D printers since 2014, when they launched the original CreatorBot

Back then the machine was typical of the machines of that period, and relatively basic by today’s advanced standards. Fortunately, 3D PrinterWorks has continued refinement of their products continuously since those early days, culminating, so far, in their flagship product, the CreatorBot 3D Pro Series II.

What makes me consider this a “professional” machine? It has several characteristics that make it so:

  • Large print volume of 305 x 305 x 457mm
  • Enclosed print volume to capture heat from the print surface and provide a thermally stable print environment 
  • Dual print heads, enabling the ability to 3D print soluble support structures and thus easily print any geometry
  • Hot ends capable of hitting up to 400C, meaning you should be able to 3D print in many exotic thermoplastics
  • The print plate can hit 160C, again enabling use of exotic materials
  • Filament out detection to avoid wasted partial prints
  • Automated calibration
  • Permanently adhesive print surface
  • Color touchscreen, network connectivity, air filter

And a very robustly built frame. All these factors combine together to produce a machine with high functionality and good reliability, making this machine quite suitable for engineers and product designers wishing to develop functional prototypes. 

This unit is priced starting at a reasonable USD$2,995 and USD$3,395 for the high temperature model. There’s also a one year full warranty included, something rarely seen on desktop 3D printers. 

If this isn’t enough, the company also markets a similar but larger machine, the CreatorBot 3D Pro Series II MAX. This unit has near identical functional features, but sports a larger build volume of a massive 457 x 457 x 457mm.  

It’s possible to spend quite a bit more for a professional desktop 3D printer with similar features from some other vendors, so I suggest you take a good look at the CreatorBot 3D Pro Series II if you’re in the market for a machine of this type.

Via 3D PrinterWorks

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