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The CreatorBot 3D Printer

We’re checking out a new personal 3D printer, the CreatorBot by 3D Printerworks, which should launch very soon. 

The CreatorBot is a plastic extrusion machine, similar to many existing 3D printer options. While it doesn’t offer the incredible resolution of some of the recently released resin-technology machine, the CreatorBot does have a few things to offer. 

The machine does include a number of defacto-standard features found on plastic extrusion machines these days, including a heated build plate, three-point leveling scheme, dual extruders and an LCD panel, we found some interesting features that might make the CreatorBot different from its competitors.

  • It’s build volume is significantly bigger than most machines in its price range: 305 x 305 x 305mm
  • Remote extruder drives to ease extruder movement and increase print speed
  • An LED light on the extruder to see your print better then ever
  • Magnetically-latched print bed for easy removal and installation

We’re told the CreatorBot will launch in early July and will be priced at “under” USD$1,500. A single-extruder PLA version will also be available for under USD$1,000. A small price for a pretty big machine. 

Via 3D Printerworks

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