Wanted: People Using Onshape to Collaborate on a Badass Motorcycle Design

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 A community motorcycle design project
A community motorcycle design project

Ya know, while there are various ways to collaborate online around a 3D CAD project with other like-minded designers and engineers, you don’t hear about it too often. 

We’ve yet to get to the real-time, live-edit environment, à la Google Docs, but we’re close. You may have built a few 3D models in Onshape but, raise of hands, have you ever collaborated with someone using Onshape?

Well, a group of Onshape users has started the “Ultimate Collaboration Onshape Community Project”, and they’re aimed designing a motorcycle. A badass motocycle. And they’re looking for people who are interested in doing the same.

Kicked off by Bryan Lagrange, Onshape user and CAD manager at Mezco Fabrication, the project is documenting the process from start to finish, from concept to creation, and has built up some interest. Though it’s in the very early stages, they’ve set out with the initial goal of a “Fully offroad compatible sport motorcycle with superior traveling comfort”, possibly electric, with a 1000km range.

Gonzalo Chomon, CTO at evovelo, has chimed in on the project providing his experience in the midst of developing an Open Source Hardware (OSH) project using Onshape with the recommendation to use an OSH license for the entire project and a Creative Commons license for the drawings and other documentation. Great tip, Gonzalo.

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