Onsite at MyMiniFactory

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with MyMiniFactory CEO Nebo Nikolic at their London HQ

Tackling Global Health Challenges with Autodesk

Many businesses in the manufacturing, architecture, building, construction, media and entertainment industries rely on Autodesk’s array of software and services to help deliver innovative solutions.

Action Required: Get Free Promotion For Your Open Source 3D Project

We announced in September a new program to provide absolutely FREE  support for community projects related to 3D. You should apply now! The program is our way to give back to the open source community that has greatly supported the recent development of 3D printing technology that’s sweeping the world today.  Our program involves selecting… Continue reading Action Required: Get Free Promotion For Your Open Source 3D Project

The 3D Printing Network

Want to connect with other 3D print folks? One way might be the newly created “3D Printing Network”. The network, which appears to be a mailing list and IRC channel, is sponsored by the Fellowship of Free Software Foundation Europe, or Fellowship of FSFE.    According to the network’s description:    The 3D Printing Network… Continue reading The 3D Printing Network

Resistor Video

  A short video highlights the methods of NYC Resistor, a hacker group who’s goal, according to founder Bre Prettis is to: Figure stuff out Break things to understand how they work Share whatever we learn Make stuff with whatever we can find In the video, Bre shows off the groundbreaking MakerBot 3D printer kit.… Continue reading Resistor Video

Metropolitan Works

  In London they’re getting set to open a new facility for designers: the Metropolitan Works Building in February of this year. Metropolitan Works is part of the London Metropolitan University, and the Creative Industries Centre will: helping designers and manufacturers develop ideas and bring new products to the marketplace through access to digital manufacturing,… Continue reading Metropolitan Works

Online Group for 3D Fans

Dave Mainwaring has created a Google Group for discussions of 3D printing technology. There’s not many members yet, but I am sure it will grow. Via Google Groups

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