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 Jeffrey Wright's #3D365Project
Jeffrey Wright’s #3D365Project

If you’re wondering what Jeffrey Wright is doing today, he is 3D printing something. 

How do I know this? It’s because he’s the man behind the #3D365Project, in which he’s attempting to 3D print something new each and every day for an entire year. Each day’s results are explained and shown in a new post on his popular YouTube channel, “Print 3D Channel”. 

Wright takes the time to explain the nature of his selected print in each video, most of which are taken from public sources such as Thingiverse. The 5-10 minute videos also include a time-lapse of the actual print, and detail shots of the completed print. 

 Some of the daily 3D print videos from the #3DP365Project
Some of the daily 3D print videos from the #3DP365Project

A wide variety of 3D model geometries are attempted, so there is quite a breadth of 3D printing experience on display in these videos. On special occasions throughout the year Wright selects timely season-appropriate 3D models that you can try yourself. 

All of the prints take place on Wright’s workhorse gCreate gMax 1.5XT+, a desktop 3D printer with a rather large build volume: 406 x 406 x 533mm. This enables Wright to attempt some larger items, but he has a constraint most people do not: prints (and corresponding videos) must be completed each day! 

This is Day 339’s print, Schrodinky: British Shorthair Cat Sitting In A Box by @loubie_3D, a typical daily 3D print by Wright.

It’s a fun series to watch, and you might consider subscribing to this channel if you’re a regular YouTube viewer. 

I’m interested in this project because it shows how dedicated many people are to this technology. While it’s a hobby for Wright, his daily 3D printing exploits are visible to all, and there are countless others who also 3D print daily for work or play that you won’t notice on YouTube. 

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