Watch Industrial Designer Eric Strebel’s Method for Making 120 Cast Parts From Scratch

 A great way to mould 3D printed parts
A great way to mould 3D printed parts

Always one for ingenuity, Eric Strebel puts his industrial design expertise to good use even with the simplest of tasks. 

This time, he’s been commissioned to produce 120 cast parts from a single solid master part. Seeing how costly it is to make solid parts, Strebel decides to take matters into his own hands and by using a specialized mold of his own design.

Here’s how he did it:

Using a reusable mold box, Strebel glues the master part and registration markers onto the bottom before submerging them under a mixture of green silicone. Once the silicone has cured, he removes the mold by disassembling the box.

 Cutting clay pieces to form the thin wall
Cutting clay pieces to form the thin wall

Taking his clay-filled mold, Strebel then clears out some room in his fridge and places it right beside his easy-cook lasagna. You don’t really need to buy lasagna to complete this part, but it helps Strebel’s viewers know he’s a connoisseur of only the finest frozen Italian foods.

 Freezing the clay mould
Freezing the clay mould

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