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 Dynamical Tools' DT600 industrial 3D printer
Dynamical Tools’ DT600 industrial 3D printer

Spain’s Dynamical Tools markets a series of powerful industrial 3D printers.

There seems to be 3D printers originating everywhere, as there are literally dozens of regional 3D printer companies. While many of these companies start small, some will be sufficiently successful to expand well beyond their initial zone of operations to ultimately world-wide availability. It’s possible Dynamical Tools could follow this path. 

The company is still quite new, being formed only in 2015. Their first product, the DT600, was launched to the public in May of 2016. 

The current DT600x is termed an “industrial” 3D printer, and that is proven by its ability to 3D print a wide variety of engineering materials, including: 

  • PLA
  • PETG
  • PETG – Glass fiber
  • PLA + Carbon fiber
  • PTEG + Carbon fiber
  • Nylon + Carbon fiber
  • PC – ABS
  • ABS
  • FLEX
  • HIPS

And many others; there is an extensive list on their website. 

 Another view of the Dynamical Tools' DT600 industrial 3D printer
Another view of the Dynamical Tools’ DT600 industrial 3D printer

What’s of interest is that all of these materials are sourced from partner suppliers; the DT600x is an open materials machine, meaning you can freely use any third party materials, so long as you are able to tune the 3D printing parameters. 

The DT600x includes a ridiculous number of useful features, particularly for those seeking production applications. By our eyes, some of the most notable features include: 

  • Dual independent print heads, with an ability to print in three modes: “parallel copy”, “print one object with two heads”, or “print two different objects”
  • A power protection circuit enables safe shutdown and resume of lengthy print jobs that would otherwise be lost
  • The filament is pre-heated to increase print reliability
  • Out-of-filament detection can pause the print job while you swap spools
  • A blockage detector similarly avoids common issues
  • Explicitly heated print chamber, in addition to print bed incidental heating
  • Hot end can hit up to 500C, enabling printing of almost any filament material
  • Automated filament swap when one spool runs out
  • Print bed can hit 150C, perhaps the highest bed temperature we’ve yet seen
  • All the usual advanced features such as a color touchscreen, WiFi connection, etc. 

And if that wasn’t enough, the print volume on this machine is a startling 600 x 450 x 450mm, one of the largest we’ve seen for a high temperature 3D printer. 

The DT600x sells for approximately €35,000 (USD$43,000), which seems to be quite a bit less expensive than I’d expect for a machine with this many goodies. 

It’s not so surprising then, that the company has sold well over 150 units since launch. 

 A prototype SLS 3D printer from Dynamical Tools
A prototype SLS 3D printer from Dynamical Tools

We’re told the company is set to introduce a new, entirely different machine sometime this spring that will be based on the SLS 3D printing process. We’re told this machine could be priced in the USD$80-100K range. I expect that this new, unnamed machine will no doubt include many of the production-ready features of the DT600x, carrying their industrial theme forward. 

Will they expand beyond their region? It seems they may have the equipment to do so, but they are seeking resellers, particularly in North America.

Via Dynamical Tools

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