ESA Developing “Infinite” 3D Printer?

The European Space Agency is developing a new 3D printer capable of producing objects of “infinite” length, and it might use a new design suitable for belt 3D printers.

New Ventures Focus on 3D Printing

We’ve seen multiple examples of companies starting up that make use of 3D printing for a specific purpose, be it artificial legs, figurines or automotive items. But now we’re seeing design firms emerge that are dedicated solely to 3D printed designs.    One such firm is Innovation Factory of Chicago, who can design, prototype, fund… Continue reading New Ventures Focus on 3D Printing

Microsoft’s Secret 3D Printing Lab

Joshua Topolsky toured Microsoft’s product design lab on video. The lab uses a triplet of Objet 3D printers to produce prototypes of Microsoft products, most notably Mice.     In the video Topolsky interviews Karsten Aagaard, User Experience Designer in Microsoft’s Hardware Group, who explains how the 3D printers can produce prototypes that can be… Continue reading Microsoft’s Secret 3D Printing Lab

Name Your Price at Model Labs

We’ve found another 3D print service that should be added to the list. Model Labs, a Laguna Beach, California-based operation provides rapid prototyping services: they’ll accept a STL format file and 3D print it for you on their equipment. They offer a variety of 3D print services, including FDM and SLA.   There are many… Continue reading Name Your Price at Model Labs