3DGence’s New MultiMaterial 3D Printer

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 The 3DGence DOUBLE 3D printer
The 3DGence DOUBLE 3D printer

We reviewed 3DGence’s F40 Industrial 3D printer a short while ago, and now they have another new product: the 3DGence DOUBLE.

The Poland-based company’s flagship machine, the F340, includes a huge assortment of useful features, and some of them will no doubt creep into the smaller 3DGence DOUBLE. 

The DOUBLE is a desktop 3D printer using the familiar filament extrusion process. Previously the company had developed and launched the “ONE”, a single extrusion desktop unit. The DOUBLE appears to be an evolution of that design. 

The major feature on the DOUBLE is the addition of a second toolhead from which dissolvable support material can be extruded. This frees the printer operator from most concerns about the geometry of a printed object, as all overhanging surfaces will be sufficiently supported, even if they are small and delicate. 

The DOUBLE, like its siblings, is an open materials machine, and is thus able to accept any third party filament. This means you should be able to use any material that fits within the heat envelope of the DOUBLE. However, unlike the F340, the DOUBLE does not handle high temperature materials. That said, you can easily 3D print many other useful engineering materials such as PP, Nylon and PETG. 

To accomodate operators, 3DGence has wisely updated their software to handle very common dual-extrusion scenarios, including: 

  • PLA + BVOH
  • PET + BVOH
  • PP + HIPS

This should make the transition to dual extrusion a bit easier. They are adding new print profiles in the future. 

As for the technical specifications of this machine, the DOUBLE includes all the convenience features you would expect on a professional desktop 3D printer, including automated calibration, removable print surface, quick swap nozzles, filament out detection, color touch screen controls, and a build volume of 190 x 255 x 195mm. 

One very interesting and unusual feature is a “Material Flow Control System”, that apparently tracks the flow of thermoplastic and is able to “supervise the quality of each printout”. I’ve not seen something like this on other 3D printers, so it should be interesting to see how well it works. 

The new 3DGence DOUBLE is available today and is priced at approximately USD$3,800, a good price for a professional desktop 3D printer. 

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