PostProcess Partners with Rösler

That didn’t take long. After announcing the establishment of a base in Europe US-based PostProcess Technologies announced an interesting partnership with Germany-based Rösler. PostProcess Technologies produces a series of “smart” post-processing devices for 3D printing that intelligently remove supports or smooth the inevitably layered surfaces of freshly printed objects. Sometimes their equipment does both processes… Continue reading PostProcess Partners with Rösler

Action Required: Get Free Promotion For Your Open Source 3D Project

We announced in September a new program to provide absolutely FREE  support for community projects related to 3D. You should apply now! The program is our way to give back to the open source community that has greatly supported the recent development of 3D printing technology that’s sweeping the world today.  Our program involves selecting… Continue reading Action Required: Get Free Promotion For Your Open Source 3D Project

Who’s Your 3D Printing Guru?

While 3D printing has become significantly less complex, it is still beyond the realm of casual consumer use. The workflow from digital model to physical print involves skills, experience and tools that are daunting to most consumers, even though they can be handled by techies.    If this sounds like a familiar situation, you’d be… Continue reading Who’s Your 3D Printing Guru?

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