Onshape Partners With Magic Leap for Immersive AR/VR 3D CAD

By on November 29th, 2018 in Software

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 Using the Magic Leap with Onshape [Source: SolidSmack]
Using the Magic Leap with Onshape [Source: SolidSmack]

As anyone who has used a AR/VR headset for gaming purposes would know, it’s always more fun to play with friends.

Well, the same concept applies to AR/VR on an industrial working scale, which is why Onshape has paired up with VR virtuoso Magic Leap to create a 3D design app for the headset.

Temporarily dubbed “Onshape for Magic Leap”, the AR program is being developed specifically for the Magic Leap One Creator Edition: a headset with a built-in CPU that brings digital images onscreen into the real world for interaction.

The platform allows designers to work on their 3D CAD projects in a more practical environment. Instead of zooming in and out of a 3D project on a computer screen to continually change the angle, the Magic Leap provides users the means to see and interact with the objects they create in 3D as they will appear in the real world.

“We’re excited to bring the many benefits of modern CAD to engineers in the Magicverse,” says Onshape CEO Jon Hirschtick. “For more than a half-century, CAD users were confined to working on a flat screen. The Magic Leap One will push product design into a whole new stratosphere. Imagine your engineering team is reviewing the latest design for a race car. With the ML One, they will be able to put that car right on the conference table, go under the hood and examine the engine block. They can then levitate the car above their heads and check out the exhaust system.”

But the best part about having Onshape on the Magic Leap is the ability for many users to connect to a single CAD project, allowing for collaborative efforts on large-scale designs like cars or buildings.

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