Morphi Fills Us In: What’s New In v3.5

By on January 15th, 2019 in Software

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 [Image: Morphi via YouTube]
[Image: Morphi via YouTube]

Morphi has launched the first of several updates for 2019, introducing v3.5.

Originally available in 2014, Morphi has grown into a community-driven tool for 2D to 3D design. We’ve gone hands-on with the app before and found it pretty intuitive to use. Updates have been consistent, with 3.4 launched just a few months ago.

The team reached out to fill us in on the newest update and some of what’s to come in this new year.

“One of things that makes Morphi unique is the ability to draw from 2D to 3D directly in the app in many ways, from simple sketching and erasing to drawing with symmetry and revolving lines,” Morphi Founder and designer Sophia Georgiou tells us. “With our latest update, users can now edit their drawn lines and 2D shapes by moving, adding and subtracting control points. They can also preview their designs in 3D and transform their drawings into 3D models for further editing with our enhanced modeling tools. Additional new features include: expanding our 2D to 3D image capabilities to include SVG files; new autofill and contour drawing tools; and creating a fun 3D lithophane tool. At the same time, we’ve refined several of our existing tools.”

Morphi and Morphi Edu v3.5 feature are available on the iPad now, with similar updates of Morphi for Mac and Windows coming soon. The additions and updates are inspired by the large and growing community using the accessible tools.

“We created these new 2D to 3D features for our community and are excited to see how they’ll use them. Our users are always inspiring us with the amazing 3D objects they create by starting with simple line drawings made in Morphi. For instance, Nicole and Marianna, 6th grade inventors from Mexico, used Morphi to draw parts for their Arduino-powered, vertical drip irrigation system. Christopher Sweeney, an artist and educator from Philadelphia, uses Morphi to draw and revolve lines to make 3D printed molds for his eco-friendly Mycellium mushroom lamps,” Georgiou tells Fabbaloo.

Such examples abound; Morphi regularly shares its community members’ creations. Proud of its “vibrant and diverse” user base, the Morphi team notes that this community includes “students, educators (Pre-K through Grade 12 and University level), artists, designers, entrepreneurs, libraries, makerspaces, businesses and more.”

The user-friendly app enables users of all backgrounds and experience levels to start creating quickly. With STEM and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, [arts] and mathematics) taking priority in many curricula today in schools, access to easy-to-use tools is important to bring 21st century tech into classrooms and directly to students’ hands. The educational focus doesn’t limit Morphi, though, as designers across a variety of focuses can benefit from design tools that take them into 3D space. The team notes, “3D designs created in the app can be used across various technologies including 3D printing, AR/VR, animation graphic design, coding, video game engines and more.”

The launch of v3.5 signifies a strong start to a new year for Morphi as they continue to build upon their work.

New features include:

  • new vector drawing and editing for more detailed 2D to 3D sketching

  • expanded import of images to include SVG files (in addition to jpgs/pngs) for greater 2D to 3D editing capabilities

  • new autofill and contour tools

  • easy tools to create 3D lithophanes from 2D images

  • improved revolve, erase and fill tools and better 2D to 3D preview screen, and more assistance, including additional video tutorials and an updated, interactive written guidebook

“As a small team, we enjoy connecting the dots among the different 2D and 3D technologies available to us. Since 2014, we’ve continued to evolve Morphi in several ways, including pioneering 2D to 3D modeling of drawings and images, simplifying complex 3D modeling tools for touchscreens, adding Augmented Reality (including integration with Apple’s AR Kit), innovating simple texturing and mapping and more,” Georgiou tells us.

“We are starting 2019 with these new features and lots more to come such as expanded Morphi design tools, the launch of our community portal and some additional surprises. Stay tuned!”

We’ll be keeping an eye out for future updates as Morphi continues to add new tools.

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By Sarah Goehrke

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