Sculpteo’s Annual Survey Is Open

By on February 3rd, 2019 in Service

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 Sculpteo’s State of 3D Printing: 2019 Edition
Sculpteo’s State of 3D Printing: 2019 Edition

Our friends at Sculpteo have launched their annual industry survey.

The popular 3D print and making service has been performing a rather comprehensive survey of the industry for several years now. They call it “The State of 3D Printing: 2019 Edition”.

From what we understand, it is likely the most significant survey of 3D printing done where the results are made public.

Of course there are dozens of paid industry reports available from a variety of research organizations, but they are typically more focused, quantitative and cost a considerable amount of money to read.

Sculpteo’s survey deals with actual users of 3D printing in all industries, as it seeks their thoughts on current and future use of 3D printing. In the past some interesting revelations have emerged from their survey research.

We’re asking Fabbaloo readers to spend a few moments to fill out Sculpteo’s survey in order to get a well-rounded audience for this analysis. After the survey closes we will certainly report on Sculpteo’s findings, and perhaps contrast their findings with those from our recently closed reader survey.

The Sculpteo survey takes a few minutes to complete and it’s definitely not very difficult to do. As a bonus, Sculpteo is offering a 10% discount coupon for anyone completing the survey, so long as you register with them.

Sculpteo Survey Direct Link

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