ZBrush 2019 Focuses on Optimizing the Digital Sculptor’s Workflow

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 ZBrush is updated [Source: Pixologic]
ZBrush is updated [Source: Pixologic]

ZBrush 2019 is Pixologic’s latest iteration of their popular digital sculpting software.

From the new Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR) system to a completely revised folder organization system, this update to the popular all-in-one digital sculpting solution has more new toys to tinker with than you can shake a digital pen at. Let’s take a look.

The most significant update in this release—at least, for many artists out there—is the introduction of Non-Photorealistic Rendering. While 3D models are traditionally rendered with a photorealistic appearance, this new system provides users with a hand-drawn 2D style for their models—reminiscent pages taken straight out of a sketchbook.

 Non-Photorealistic Rendering in ZBrush 2019 [Source: Pixologic]
Non-Photorealistic Rendering in ZBrush 2019 [Source: Pixologic]

The release also takes advantage of Pixologic’s revamped retopology system, ZRemesher 3.0. This new rendering engine allows faster rendering of various textures such as creases and sharp angles, all while making the number of polygons per sculpture more efficient.

 New remesher in ZBrush 2019 [Source; SolidSmack]
New remesher in ZBrush 2019 [Source; SolidSmack]

Two new plugins have been introduced with the 2019 version as well. Intersection Maker allows users to create intricate masks on geometry intersections within a SubTool, making it a lot easier to create more complex masks.

Likewise, the ZColor plugin includes every color you could ever need for painting your sculptures, with the ability to share color files to others working on the same project.

Even the ZBrush camera is updated. You can now match focal length of scanned photos and imported 3D renders, but you can also import or export your camera settings for use in different 3D applications like Keyshot.

The last, possibly most appreciated new feature of ZBrush 2019 is the Folder System. While its primary function is to keep your workspace organized, it also lets you apply changes to every mesh in each folder. Say you want to scale a specific portion of your sculpture. Simply pick the folder organizing said portion and scale it up. Other actions you can perform using the Folder System are Move, Rotate, Delete, Duplicate, Hide/Show, Live Boolean, and Polypaint.

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