Desktop Metal’s Studio System Ships In Europe

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 The Studio System ready to ship [Image: Desktop Metal]
The Studio System ready to ship [Image: Desktop Metal]

Desktop Metal is now shipping its desktop metal 3D printing solution in Europe.

Sometimes shipping announcements are that international availability is about to open up, but that’s not what this is; today Desktop Metal is releasing the names of the first European installations of its Studio System.

The CE-certified Studio System is off to customers and resellers in France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and the UK. Initial installations include industrial players as well as universities and training-focused institutions.

By the numbers, 85 sales partners and resellers are distributing the Studio System in 48 countries. Reservations are available in Desktop Metal’s native US, nearby Canada, newly-live Europe, and in Mexico and the Asia Pacific and EMEA regions. This announcement notes that orders in Europe will be fulfilled “within eight weeks or sooner.”

Accessible Metal 3D Printing

Desktop Metal’s driving vision has been to open up metal 3D printing.

“We have been delivering on that vision throughout the U.S. and Canada, and are now ready to step onto the global stage to further accelerate our business expansion and answer the impressive demand of the European market,” said Ric Fulop, CEO and co-founder of Desktop Metal.

The Studio System, which saw announced improvements last fall as the Studio System+, is designed for functional prototyping and low-volume production. For mass production, the Production System is also amping up its game as Desktop Metal continues on its quest to drive real value impact on the metal additive manufacturing — and overall metal manufacturing — scene.

The Studio System is designed for office friendliness. The three-part system — 3D printer, debinder, furnace — works with the company’s cloud-based software for a pretty automated metal 3D printing workflow. Strategic customers in Europe have been working with the Desktop Metal team to ensure appropriate evaluations and benchmarks are met across a variety of uses: automotive, education, defense, consumer products.

 The Studio System+ setup [Image: Desktop Metal]
The Studio System+ setup [Image: Desktop Metal]

Applications and Customers

“We are very excited to receive a Desktop Metal Studio System to explore the potential that metal AM brings to our market. We see great chances in applications such as robot grippers and welding fixtures, as well as in support of our R&D activities,” Luuk Nollet, Development Engineer, AWL-Techniek, tells Fabbaloo of their choice to bring in the Studio System.

Netherlands-based AWL is a forward-thinking global supplier focused on high-end automation, robotization, and joining technologies. The company notes that it offers “innovative technologies,” and bringing the Studio System’s metal 3D printing capabilities into play will offer more flexibility in in-house capabilities.

Installations are in place now with more than a dozen customers. Those named include, by country:

  • France

    • Edalis

    • Soprofame

    • MSA

  • Germany

    • BMW Group

  • Greece

    • Bazigos SA

  • Italy

    • Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI)

    • Additive Italia (Add+It)

  • Netherlands


  • Portugal

    • Jade Groupe

  • Spain

    • Centro Avanzado De Fabricación -I MH (The Machine Tool Institute)


  • UK

    • Weir Group

    • City of Sheffield

Why the Studio System?

Customers are noting that their choice of the Studio System is largely intended to broaden and complement their existing work in metal parts production, offering another in-house (and, for research institutes, in-lab) capability.

“We decided to invest in the Desktop Metal Studio System in order to provide our customers a complementary solution to our machining expertise,” said Jean-Baptiste Frenel, Director at Soprofame. “This innovative technology will allow us to answer our customer needs with more effectivity and reactivity, bringing a real value added to our know-how and a differentiating offer in an ever-changing market.”

European resellers are located in Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Scandinavia, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom. By the sounds of these initial installations, they’ll soon be kept very busy indeed.

Via Desktop Metal

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