Meet The Wi3DP Ambassadors, Part 2

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 Women in 3D Printing now spans the globe [Source: Fabbaloo]
Women in 3D Printing now spans the globe [Source: Fabbaloo]

The Women in 3D Printing phenomenon has grown significantly in the few short years it has been in existence.

The group, founded by Nora Toure in 2014, hopes to promote the role of women in the technology of 3D printing, where currently women are a minority among participants. Our current readership surveys indicate only 14% are women, which broader industry surveys reveal is close to the same amount in the overall workplace.

Women in 3D Printing’s strategy is to showcase the success of women in a variety of 3D printing roles worldwide to lead by example. They do this through social media, interviews, industry insiders’ contributions — and also through events held around the world hosted by local “ambassadors”. These highly motivated volunteers coordinate activities in cities across the globe, and contribute to the larger organization’s goals.

What’s indicative of the strong support for the project has been the extremely rapid growth of Women in 3D Printing’s global network of ambassadors and events. Here we list some of the ambassadors for Women in 3D Printing, organized by country.

Note that I say “some”, because the organization is adding new ambassadors all the time, and no doubt by the time you read this list it will be obsolete.

But the concept and goals will not be. Please look up your city below and attend a meeting and provide support, whether you are female or not. And if you can’t find your city, consider starting up operations by applying to be an ambassador yourself!

This is part two of a two-part series; part one, with ambassadors from South America, Europe, and Asia, is here.


Toronto: Toronto ambassador, Samira Sokhanvaran’s favorite chocolate quality is street toffee. Her hobbies are yoga, hiking and dancing. She is a big fan of google and never stops googling things.

Vancouver: Vancouver ambassador, Stephanie Sharp, is a West Coast Swing dancer who geeks out over finance, business & tech. Her daughter is the 6th family generation to go to Queen’s University.

Winnipeg: Meet Marney Stapley. Did you know Marney also works for Fabbaloo & North Forge? Marney is also part of the TEDxWinnipeg Speaker Team and volunteers at a local homeless shelter. When she is not volunteering and working, she can be found on her bike, gardening or in her hammock!


Austin, TX: Austin ambassador, Brenna McCornac, has an identical twin, loves swimming, and is a fanatic for the show Parks and Recreation.

Boston, MA: Boston ambassador, Lynda McKinney, is the proud mom of 4, an avid skier and aspiring fiction writer. In her spare time, she guest lectures at Boston-area universities in communications and mentors budding students on the profession.

Chicago, IL: Chicago ambassador, Haleyanne Freedman, sings the national anthem for a few major league and national sports team on her spare time. She also has 2 teacup Chihuahuas and her own 3D Printing lab at home! You can meet her every month in the Chicago area!

Denver, CO: Denver co-ambassador, Adam, is an avid woodworker and even has his own business, DB Pens (custom made wooden pens). He’s big into the outdoors, with rock climbing and fly fishing being his favorite outdoor activities.

Detroit, MI: Detroit ambassador, Abbey, in addition to being a mom of 2 girls, is a soccer and basketball coach! She’s a country girl who was raised on a farm, and loves karaoke!

Los Angeles, CA: Los Angeles Meet Lindsey Zindroski! She is a CEO and Mom of 4, on the path to find out everything #3dprinting!

New York, NY: Meet Christina Perla. In addition to being our #NYC ambassador, she is the co-founder & CEO of Makelab. She has a background in Industrial Design and is obsessed with process and workflow.

New York, NY: NYC ambassador, Alyssa Burris, loves snowboarding so much that her very 1st 3D print was of a mountain! She grew up in a 40 acre farm in Oregon and trained horses. Before heading to design school in NYC, she was as an adventure tour guide in Hawaii!

Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia co-ambassador, Katie Jo Sunday, is an all-american high school water polo player, she loves mixology and testing her cocktail drinks on family and friends. She’s also an avid hiker with her two dogs (Winnie and Roo) and fiancé (Kathleen).

Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia ambassador, Cemile, once picked up cigarette butts from the most beautiful beach in the world, as a volunteering job in a national park in Spain. Join her and more during our monthly Happy Hours!

Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh co-ambassador, Alisha Hipwell, has the same exact birthdate as her co-ambassador, Loretta! She is a mom to three boys and when the weather is nice you’ll find her driving her 1972 MG Midget convertible.

Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh co-ambassador, Loretta Benec, has the same exact birthdate as her co-ambassador, Alisha! She is a third generation “Loretta”; and is a devoted Peloton spinning enthusiast!

Portland, OR: Meet our Portland ambassador, Kristin Mulherin! She is a real globe-trotter and lived in LA, Manchester, London, and Bangkok, returning home to Oregon just 5 years ago!

San Diego, CA: San Diego ambassador, Melanie Lang, is a dance mom of 3 little girls, who loves to play music and sing. She runs and practices yoga. She has 2 little dogs, and is an aerospace engineer.

San Francisco, CA: Meet our San Francisco ambassador, Nadya Kutyreva! She loves science & potatoes, and used to organize bicycle tours in Russia, showing local architecture, for up to 70 people! Her friends call her the girl who read the whole Wiki twice!

San Francisco (South Bay), CA: South Bay Area ambassador, Emily DeSimone, is at her best when the sun is out! Look out for her Bernedoodle, Truckee, that might be making some appearances at our Happy Hours! She’s also a consistent traveler with her now fiance to Lake Tahoe.

Youngstown, OH: Youngstown ambassador, Cynthia, spent 15 years as an advertising agency Producer before joining America Makes as Social Media Manager in 2015. One of her son is also in #3dprinting! Join her in Youngstown every month!

This is part two of a two-part series; part one is here.

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