Advancing Diversity in Additive Manufacturing

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and Women in 3D Printing (Wi3DP) have formed a partnership to attract and build a diverse next gen workforce to advance the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry.

Rachel Park: “I Grew Up In This Industry”

Rachel Park is a freelance writer and editor focused on 3D printing since 1996. She owns RP Editorial Services and is a Director of PYL Associates — and she is our Women in 3D Printing guest #274.

Ellen Lee: “Yes, I Broke A Few Machines”

Ellen Lee is Technical Leader of Additive Manufacturing for Research & Advanced Engineering at Ford Motor Company, responsible for leading the development and implementation of advanced polymer additive manufacturing (AM) materials and technologies for functional use in the automotive sector.

Michaella Janse Van Vuuren: “I Believe An Arts Approach In Developing Countries Can Make A Difference”

Dr. Michaella Janse van Vuuren has excelled in multiple disciplines from her PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cape Town in Computer vision and post doctorate in medical implant design at the Central University of Technology to being an internationally renowned 3D print designer, artist and an innovator in education.