Design Of The Week: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Benchy…

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 A 3D model of Quint being devoured by a shark in Jaws [Source: Fabbaloo] A 3D model of Quint being devoured by a shark in Jaws [Source: Fabbaloo]

This week’s selection is “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Benchy…” by Thingiverse contributor I-see-3D.

Everyone who operates a 3D printer is familiar with the ubiquitous “Benchy”, or rather its full name, “#3DBenchy”. It’s a universal test object that the community fell in love with.

Why? It was relatively easy to 3D print, yet included a number of geometric features that allowed one to gauge the quality of a print job in a straightforward manner. When many people started using , it became easy for others to offer advice about 3D print job parameters simply by looking at the print.

As a result, we all print Benchys. Tons of them. I often iteratively 3D print them, each time tweaking settings to hone in on the optimum configuration. This, of course, means I have a lot of Benchys. There are dozens scattered about the Fabbaloo lab. I step on them often. I think they are even in my food.

With so many Benchys on the loose, it’s easy to get tired of the design — and some have taken it upon themselves to adapt the design in some way to make it more interesting. This week’s selection is one of them.

Designer I-see-3D actually mixed four existing 3D models to arrive at this recreation of the momentous scene from the classic Spielberg movie, Jaws. The original was tipped at an angle and sliced to make the ship appear as if it’s sinking; the shark was similarly cut and placed at the rear; the other figurines were placed appropriately in the scene.

The title of the piece comes from a line issued much earlier in the movie, when the lead character first sees the humongous shark and remarks, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”.

What’s fascinating about this design is that it resonates so strongly, likely because it recreates the iconic scene in Jaws where the old sailor Quint is literally devoured by the giant shark. Everyone recalls that scene, and will do so immediately upon seeing the scene.

Even better, because it is a 3D print you can look around the scene from different angles, something you cannot do in a movie, where the director controls exactly what you see. This, in a sense, brings you into the scene.

This print is screaming to be painted, should you decide to print a copy. Be sure to get some red paint, you will need it!

I’m wondering whether this design approach can be used to recreate other famous movie scenes? I suspect the vast amount of 3D models in the Thingiverse repository hold all manner of combinations to do so.

All it will take is someone with imagination and the time to take a look.

Via Thingiverse

By Kerry Stevenson

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