Additive World’s Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge 2020

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 Additive World’s 2020 Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge [Source: Additive World] Additive World’s 2020 Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge [Source: Additive World]

It seems to be that time of year once again, when the Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge opens.

This is a design contest that’s part of Additive World, an annual conference operated by Netherlands-based Additive Industries. The challenge hopes to inspire designs that accommodate and leverage 3D printing constraints to produce ingeniously useful parts.

Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge

Additive World explains how the contest works:

“In order to grow the number of examples and inspire many other industries to develop dedicated applications for industrial 3D printing, Additive Industries presents every year the Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge.

Competing in two categories, both professionals and students are encouraged to redesign an existing conventional part of a machine or product for 3D printing. The possibility to apply for the 6th edition of the Design Challenge is from October 25, 2019 thru February 1, 2020. Two winners of the challenge will be announced at the Additive World Conference on April 1, 2020, in Eindhoven.”

Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge Judging

Additive World says a professional jury will judge the submitted designs to ensure they are suitable and do indeed cover the breadth of possibilities with additive manufacturing design.

It’s not yet known who specifically will be on the jury, but it is likely composed from representatives of Additive World’s partners in this venture, who include: Ultimaker, Altair Engineering, Autodesk, CECIMO and MakerPoint.

Prizes for winning submissions are significant, and include not only free stuff from the event’s partners listed above, such as an Ultimaker 3D printer, but it is also possible the winning design may be 3D printed.

Finalists are to be selected and invited to attend the awards dinner in April 2020 for presentation.

Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge Benefits

This is a significant award for students, and could be a powerful way to launch a career in 3D printing. Imagine putting this award on your resume!

But for those who will not be awarded a prize, they still win. That’s because the act of going through the design process will generate ideas and learnings in additive manufacturing design that will last a lifetime. It’s not the end, it’s the journey that counts.

Talk to your friends to your thoughts together on a compelling idea that could be your entry into this event soon.

Via Additive World

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