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 Sean Aranda, one of the presenters at IO3DP’s upcoming virtual conference on 3D printing [Source: IO3DP]
Sean Aranda, one of the presenters at IO3DP’s upcoming virtual conference on 3D printing [Source: IO3DP]

This seems to be an unprecedented event: a virtual conference on 3D printing.

Produced by the new Institute of 3D Printing, the “Online 3D Printing Summit” takes place over the course of two consecutive days. As this is a virtual conference, anyone, anywhere can attend without having to spend considerable amounts on travel and accommodation. You just have to spend the time.

The Institute of 3D Printing

The Institute of 3D Printing is the new venture undertaken by 3D printing enthusiast Ed Tyson, who for many years operated the well-regarded UK-based Rigid.ink 3D print materials supplier. Times changed, and Tyson shut down the materials business and switched into a more educational focus with the new Institute of 3D Printing.

The 2-day event intends on presenting ten “expert presentations” on various topics within the 3D printing universe. They explain what you might expect to see:

“You’ll learn from some of 3D printing’s top minds as they explain their specific processes and give focused tutorials on various slicers, CAD and modelling software, printer maintenance, advanced printing skills and so much more.

You will not find general, basic tutorials on how to use X slicer, or X CAD package (you can find those anywhere). These presentations are covering the specifics and assume some (minimal) existing knowledge of the programs used.”

Online 3D Printing Summit Schedule

Here are the specific presentations on the schedule:

  • Michael Laws: How To Make a Good Print, GREAT Using The ‘Linear Advance’ Process To Calibrate Extrusion

  • Denis Obrul: Which Slicer Should You Now Be Using? A Current Comparison Of The Big 3 (+ 2 To Watch In 2020)

  • Chuck Hellebuyck: What To Focus On First When You’re New To 3D Printing

  • Dave Brownings: How To Use Custom Supports & Blockers To Save A Ton Of Printing Time, Filament & Your Sanity

  • Jason Suter: How To Design Smooth Operating Print-In-Place Hinges & Moving Components Even If Your Printer Isn’t Perfectly Tuned

  • Malcolm De Jager: Using Blender To Prepare & Touch Up Photogrammetry Models

  • Sean Aranda: Discover How These Non-Gimmick Experimental Slicer Features Will Change The Way You 3D Print

  • Denis Obrul: Beyond The Benchy: 12 Practical Print Ideas To Bridge The Gap Between Hobby And Life Enhancing Tool

With two more to come, according to the IO3DP site.

As you can see, these are not introductory tutorials, but are more focused on those who have been successfully 3D printing and want to push the envelope into more advanced states. IO3DP says the material is “actionable”.

Online 3D Printing Summit Cost

As mentioned, this virtual event is available to attend at no charge. Sessions commence at 1PM GMT (8AM PST) each day, so European and North American viewers can make this work, although I’m less certain about those in Asia.

The IO3DP is presenting these sessions live, but I have a suspicion that they will be available later as recordings, but for paid access. Thus, if you are interested in these topics, you might want to register for the event as soon as you can.

Via Online 3D Printing Summit

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