Another 3D Print Event Cancelled Due to COVID-19

 The International Technology Days event has been cancelled [Source: Arburg]
The International Technology Days event has been cancelled [Source: Arburg]

Arburg announced the cancellation of a major event due to virus concerns. 

With the spread of the coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, it was inevitable the 3D printing world would be affected. Previously I speculated that some 3D printer manufacturers could experience parts shortages due to Chinese source shutdowns. 

Arburg intended on holding a an event they call “International Technology Days” in their home city of Loßburg, Germany. The event was to run from 11-14 March, but will no longer take place. Arburg says: 

“Arburg takes the developments regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) very seriously. The responsible parties at the company have followed the situation over the past few days with great concern and analysed it intensively. This is because the health of customers partners and employees has the highest priority at Arburg. On the basis of the information currently available, the decision was made not to take any risks. Cancellation of the Technology Days, attended every year by around 6,000 invited guests from all over the world, is purely preventative. At present there are no known suspected cases in the direct vicinity of the company. The opening of the Training Center on March 6th, 2020, with VIP guests from the region, will take place as planned.”

Loßburg, Germany is quite far from the center of the COVID-19 outbreak in China, but as viruses tend to spread, there are now several outbreaks in areas closer to Germany, including Iran and most notable Italy, just south of Arburg’s location. From what I understand, activities there are tightening up as a result of actions to prevent viral transmission. 

And now these actions are affecting Germany, at least in Arburg’s case. It’s a sensible move, as the 6,000 attendees are coming from worldwide locations, and some of those locations could be sources of infection. Even worse, after the event the same attendees will travel back to their respective countries, possibly carrying the virus unknowingly with them. This is a good move by Arburg. 

It’s also not the first 3D print event cancellation. TCT announced the postponement of their high profile TCT Asia event that was to take place last week. 

There are plenty of 3D print events on the schedule for 2020, and it may be that more could be subject to the same treatment. Our team is planning to attend Rapid in the USA in April, as well as the huge Formnext show in November. 

We’re hoping those shows will be able to continue. 

Via Arburg

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