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By on March 2nd, 2020 in blog

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 Laser-cut wood blocks will get baby Geo ready to spell Fabbaloo one day! [Image: Sarah Goehrke]
Laser-cut wood blocks will get baby Geo ready to spell Fabbaloo one day! [Image: Sarah Goehrke]

Fabbaloo is up and running with our full operations team once again.

That is to say: I’m back!

Following four months of maternity leave, today I’m back to my computer. Now in addition to my nearly-four-month-old son, the things crying for my attention include several hefty inboxes and mountains of notifications.

I’m adjusting back in now to a few new normals.

Motherhood, for one. My son George (“Geo”) was born the week before Formnext 2019, and is growing nicely with cheeks chubbier by the day. Now it’s also working motherhood.

And of course, the ever-new normals of working in 3D printing.

It’s been a busy third of a year, of course, and the joy of working in media is having a ready source of info to turn to to catch up. Kerry and I have spoken about some of the bigger goings-on in the industry, as well as some of the exciting things we have planned for Fabbaloo coming up, and all in all: it’s good to be back.

Last week, I put out a call on social media to hear what some of you have thought have been the biggest happenings over the last couple of months. Responses have been really interesting to start to comb through — from “nothing exciting” to “CHECK THIS THING OUT” to some deeply intriguing bits of scientific research that I’ll need another cup of tea to start to dive into.

So, what do you think? Where should I be looking? Let me know at [email protected]!

By Sarah Goehrke

Sarah Goehrke is a Special Correspondent for Fabbaloo, via a partnership with Additive Integrity LLC. Focused on the 3D printing industry since 2014, she strives to bring grounded and on-the-ground insights to the 3D printing industry. Sarah served as Fabbaloo's Managing Editor from 2018-2021 and remains active in the industry through Women in 3D Printing and other work.

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