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By on March 30th, 2020 in Service

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[Image: HP]

[Image: HP]

HP has just launched a new pay-per-use 3D printing subscription model.

HP 3D-as-a-Service (3DaaS) Plus is designed to be the “easiest and most economical way to get access to Multi Jet Fusion technology.” Bringing the company’s MJF 3D printing technology for in-house parts production while protecting capital is an interesting model. The new solution includes the Jet Fusion 340 3D printer, supplies, service, customer support, and training — all coming together in a “predictable pay-per-use model” and without the initial upfront investment of outright purchasing a new industrial 3D printer.

Predictability is critical when it comes to manufacturing; fully understanding how much everything will cost impacts that all-important bottom line. While traditional manufacturing technologies are relatively easy to predict through their many years of established function, such capability is rather newer for the younger additive manufacturing processes.

HP 3DaaS Plus is already available in several countries, with early customers including Wallbox, Robotechnik, and HIPP medical. The US, Italy, Germany, UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain have access to the offering now, and very soon — April 1 — Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, and Sweden will also see availability launch.

The early customers announced include a nice variety of industries: Barcelona-based Wallbox designs and manufactures electric vehicle charging stations. Germany-based Robotechnik manufactures inspection solutions for solar manufacturing. Germany-based HIPP medical makes patient-friendly cutting tools.

“One of the pillars of our product design is to make really compact yet powerful chargers. From this vision arose the necessity for a state-of-the-art integration between mechanics and electronics. HP’s 3DaaS Plus helps us be even more agile in today’s rapidly changing environment and meet high customer expectations,” said Wallbox Chief Product Officer Eduard Castañeda.

HP 3DaaS

You may have noticed the “Plus” in the new service’s name; there is also HP 3DaaS Base, which includes support and maintenance services, supplies, and long-term consumables, and is available for Jet Fusion 5200/4200 Series 3D Printers and Jet Fusion 500 Series 3D Printers.

3DaaS Base was introduced just a few months ago, and HP has already seen success with this service. Now the company is enhancing the offering with the Plus model.

Both Base and Plus include:

  • Automatic replenishment of HP 3D supplies

  • HP 3D Printing Care Services, including remote and onsite support

  • Online dashboard for easy, convenient tracking of billing and usage

The newly-announced HP 3DaaS Plus includes the “HP Jet Fusion 340 3D Printer, installation, support and maintenance services, supplies and long-term consumables. $5000 up-front fee. $3500 minimum monthly payment.” It also requires a one-year commitment.

HP says its 3DaaS Plus “includes simplified supplies ordering and inventory management with automatic supplies replenishment, an online dashboard for easy tracking of billing and usage, and immediate access to support and comprehensive training.”

“HP’s all-inclusive 3D printing subscription services enable customers to produce high-quality parts at an economic price point while improving their capital and business flexibility, which is more important today than ever,” said Rebecca Campbell, Director of 3D Printing Services, HP Inc. “With the expansion of our 3DaaS Plus subscription, we are making it easier for companies to continue the important job of manufacturing, leveraging our predictable pay-per-use model that unlocks more agility and value.”

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