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View of ZMorph’s new HQ [Source: Google]

View of ZMorph’s new HQ [Source: Google]

We’ve learned that ZMorph has relocated to a new headquarters location. 

The Polish company has been in the business of making a very unique style of 3D printer for several years. Rather than just making a standard 3D printer, they have developed what they call a “Multitool 3D Printer”. 

Multitool 3D Printers

This is a different form of device that leverages the motion system to allow for different types of making processes within the same platform. In the case of ZMorph’s popular VX device, they offer not only 3D printing capabilities, but also CNC milling, laser engraving and even paste extrusion.

This is accomplished by swapping the toolhead for a different one. You are permitted quite a bit of flexibility as you can purchase different combinations of tools to meet your needs. 

ZMorph 3D Printing

Even with all the other toolheads, the primary function of the VX is 3D printing, and it’s definitely no slouch in that department. The 3D printer componentry includes not only the ability to print in standard PLA and ABS materials, but also more engineering-useful materials such as PC, Nylon, and more. 

One of the specialized toolheads is for dual extrusion. This toolhead includes the ability to extrude two different filaments during a single 3D print job. Importantly, this allows for the use of soluble supports such as PVA. This means the device can very easily 3D print highly complex structures. 

When two differently colored filaments are used in the dual extruder, the ZMorph software is able to coordinate color switches as required during the job. You can, for example, 3D print a dual-color image on the surface of an object. That’s a feature I have not seen on other dual extrusion systems.

Non 3D Printing Toolheads

The VX’s other toolheads are quite useful when performing minor subtractive manufacturing. The CNC mill includes a rotating spindle in which bits can carve away in three dimensions. 

The laser attachment allows for low-power engraving on some materials. For example, you can mark cardboard with letters. A newly released higher-power laser engraver also increases capabilities in this area.

Both of these tools, however, are low-powered as compared to standalone devices dedicated to those functions. If you’re intending on doing a lot of laser cutting, for example, you might be better off with an actual laser cutter to speed up the work. 

ZMorph Expansion

The new headquarters is located in Wrocław, where they were previously located. The company did not provide much detail on the relative size of the new facility, but they did say this: 

“With a significantly larger office, we will be able to grow our team and produce more 3D printers. It is especially important because of the increasing demand for our products, and will allow us to shorten lead and delivery times.”

The implication here is that the company is doing well enough to warrant an expansion, and that’s always good news.

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