Peopoly Introduces Two New Phenom 3D Printers

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The Phenom L (left) and Phenom Noir 3D printers [Image: Peopoly]

The Phenom L (left) and Phenom Noir 3D printers [Image: Peopoly]

Hong Kong-based Peopoly has just expanded its Phenom 3D printer line.

The Phenom was introduced this past October, adding MSLA (Masked Stereolithography Apparatus) to its existing SLA offerings. Today the company is announcing two larger Phenom MSLA 3D printers designed for attractive “size, speed and cost”.

Peopoly Founder Mark Peng fills us in, introducing the new offerings. He tells us:

“Phenom L 

Our users like big resin printers so we made Phenom L even bigger than the classic Phenom. It has a build volume of 345.6 × 194.4 x 400 mm and is 33% bigger than Form3L. It also prints faster and has all new build plate designed for improve postprocessing experience.  Imagine you can now print a full-size helmet without splitting the file up

Phenom Noir

Our users also want to print even faster. So we designed a Phenom with a monochrome panel. It is 5 times bigger and faster than Form3.

Peopoly also developed a 8.9” 4k Monochrome Panel designed for enterprise printing application and we are looking to work with partners to build custom vertical solutions.”

MSLA 3D Printing

Peopoly is drawing from its success with SLA 3D printers to continue expanding in the technology.

A good amount of the strategy here seems to be aimed at what Peopoly describes as its biggest competitor: US-based 3D printing unicorn Formlabs. Several of the new machines’ specs are compared specifically against the Form 3L, which also branches out from “just” SLA 3D printing with what it calls LFS — “Low Force Stereolithography.”

Peopoly uses MSLA, which it describes as “the LED+LCD approach.” They say of the technology:

“Formlabs uses a laser.  Our Moai series also uses a laser. Our new printer Phenom uses the MSLA (LCD+LED) approach. This change is key to both the print results as well as to the brand. We are known in the industry as one of the top three desktop laser SLA since 2017 by numbers of printers sold.”

MSLA is also employed in Structo’s 3D printers, pointing toward the key dental industry as a major application area for the technology. Peopoly further underscores jewelry, rapid prototyping, one-off design, small-batch production, and medical applications as being key sectors of interest.

As ever, the company hopes to differentiate itself on not only the technology, but on price point; they highlight: “The lower price making this technology much more accessible for countries, and more applications.”

Pricing has not been announced for the new systems, though the company seems to be taking inquiries for the upcoming releases on the product pages of the Peopoly website. Keep in mind that “lower price” means compared to professional 3D printers, not those aimed more at hobbyists, so it will be comparative rather than actually “cheap.”

Edited 3/11 to add: Thanks to reader Tony T, who points out that MatterHackers lists the new systems for sale. Both are currently listed as “coming soon”; their price points are $2,999 (list price $3,200) for the Phenom L and $3,699 (list price $3,800) for the Phenom Noir.

Phenom L 3D Printer

Like most “L”-named 3D printers, the Phenom L is just that: large.

The new 3D printer is “33% bigger than [the Form 3] and over 50% bigger than [the] Phenom.” Full specs include:

  • Panel: 3840 × 2160 (UHD) (4k)

  • Print Volume: 345.6 × 194.4 x 400 mm

  • Pixel Pitch: 90um

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

  • UV Light Power: 100W

  • Printer Size: 525 x 395 x 780 mm

  • Vat Volume: 2.5kg

  • Physical Weight: 58 KG

Phenom Noir 3D Printer

If the L was built for size, the Noir is here for speed.

Also larger than the original Phenom, the new Noir 3D printer is designed for speedier results. Major introductions seem to be a monochrome LCD panel said to “significantly reduce UV light waste” and a “3-4 times longer LCD panel expected lifespan” than the Phenom’s, as well as a “newly designed cooling system.” Again comparing to the original, the Noir can produce “80-100% increase in speed” when used with the company’s Deft resin. They also note “5x the speed” of the Form 3.

Full specs include:

  • Panel: 3840 × 2160 (UHD) (4k)

  • Print Volume: 293.76 × 165.24 x 400 mm

  • Pixel Pitch: 79um

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

  • UV Light Power: 80W

  • Printer Size: 465 x 370 x 780 mm

  • Vat Volume: 2kg

  • Physical Weight: 43 KG

Peopoly Operations

Availability hasn’t yet been announced.

One reason looks to be the impact of the global coronavirus outbreak. Because of Peopoly’s Hong Kong base and operations in China, the company has been notably affected by business disruptions recently.

At the beginning of February, Peopoly noted that their office was unable to resume business as usual following the Chinese New Year holiday due to a government mandate against private businesses opening again until at least the 10th of that month. The latest update, per their Facebook page, is from last week, when they said:

“We have been shipping printers and panels every day this week. Despite constant screening for the virus, the team feels like we are closer to getting back to normal. We will get more parts this weekend to keep the production going for another two weeks.”

Hopefully it will be back to standard operations soon, as coronavirus continues to impact the 3D printing industry.

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