Browser-based SelfCAD Adds Load of New Features, New Pricing for Education

 Building an elephant in SelfCAD [Source: SolidSmack] Building an elephant in SelfCAD [Source: SolidSmack]

SelfCAD has been bustin’ solid modeling moves for a few years now, adding feature after feature to their browser-based 3D modeling app.






sic 3D shape modeler to including features that would make other CAD software sit up and peek over their shades.

Mmm-hmmm. Version 3.0 is in the works but their latest 2.9.1 update has a bevy of updates you’re likely to find useful if you’re a current user and quite interesting if you have been waiting for more.

SelfCAD Highlights

Some of the highlights include Multiple Viewports, Backface Culling, Edge Ring Selection, and Gizmo Customization. The 2.9 release (Oct 2019) saw the addition of Animation, precision 3D Sketch, Snap Tool, Add Vertices/Edge/Edge Loop and a lot of other updates. And the 2.0 release (Sept 2018) added 3D shapes, Sculpting Brushes, ‘Magic Fix’ for 3D Printing prep and more.

 3D Modeling interface in SelfCAD [Source: SolidSmack] 3D Modeling interface in SelfCAD [Source: SolidSmack]

For a 3D modeling app that started off targeting 3D print users, the features added have improved the capabilities and pushed the app over to meet more serious modeling needs, especially with the combination of 3D modeling and sculpting.

SelfCAD vs Parametric Modeling

If you’re coming from a parametric modeler, however, you’ll find some features lacking, namely dimensioning, sketch relations, and part/assembly relations. In that regard, it’s still very much a tool for bashing out quick concepts and organic shapes, then choosing from a massive list of FDM printer profiles for slicing and 3D printing.

Together it’s a workflow that hasn’t been hooked together as they have done it, which makes SelfCAD stand out on its own with heeps of potential down the road for more complex 3D modeling tasks.

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