Don’t Worry, Simplify3D 5 Is On The Way

By on April 8th, 2020 in Software

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Simplify3D version 5 is still under development [Source: Simplify3D]

Simplify3D version 5 is still under development [Source: Simplify3D]

Where is Simplify3D version 5? 

In the battle of the 3D print slicing programs, Simplify3D was the first general-purpose commercial third party offering, and it gained a reputation for including powerful features that helped create outstanding 3D print output. 

Currently, Simplify3D’s at version 4.1.2, which was released quite a long time ago in May 2019, which is, if my rough calculations are correct, about a year ago. 

That’s a very long time between upgrades. Why the big delay? 

The reason is that the next version to be released is expected to be version 5, a major upgrade in which many things may change. We’ve previously speculated on the Simplify3D v5 upgrade, and expect it to do marvelous things for all of us 3D printer operators who use Simplify3D. 

Simplify3D Rumors

I’m usually pretty patient about such things, as I understand the difficult challenges of building complex software systems. However, some of our readers are not. 

With the most recent official statement from the company being issued several months ago, the company has been rather quiet about this upgrade. One anxious reader wrote to us with speculation about the company closing down due to the lengthy delay. 

Simplify3D Version 5 Status

I thought it best to go right to the source to find out what’s going on, and received this statement from Simplify3D CEO Clayton Webster:

“We are thrilled to have received so much support and anticipation for the upcoming Simplify3D Version 5.0 launch. Our team is working extremely hard to finish testing the last remaining items for the release to ensure that each feature is optimized for the 500+ printers that we support.  Version 5.0 is the largest release in our company’s history and we are working hard to make sure the product continues to deliver the performance and reliability that our users expect. The development cycle has been longer than usual, but we are confident this release will create a strong foundation that will serve our customers for years to come.”

It seems Simplify3D is not closing down, but is buried in the work required to create version 5, and that’s not surprising given the tasks they face. Simplify3D users should remember that the relatively frequent upgrades they’re used to seeing are “point” releases, meaning “x.y”. This is not a “point” release, it’s a major rewrite of the entire system, hence the “version 5”. If it was a small upgrade it would have been “version 4.2”. 

I’m hoping to get a chance to test out the new version 5 when or before it’s released to explore the presumably significant changes within it. 

Meanwhile, keep using version 4.1.2.

Via Simplify3D

By Kerry Stevenson

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      1. While you are talking to them, mention that there are a bunch of unhappy customers who are living in an information vacuum, created by the company’s unbelievable choice to stop providing updates.

        They have a blog… but nothing about V5 for 18 months. They have an online forum… last word of V5 was in December 2019, and before then a few words in October 2019, and then before that in June 2019. Their administrators refuse to even reply to questions about V5 on their forum. The last official word was “early 2020” for release. Hello!

        The common wisdom now is that this is vaporware, and users are flocking to other platforms. If S3D would simply provide monthly updates (like a normal tech company does), they would generate enthusiasm and maintain a customer base willing to buy the next version.

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