Vagon.io is the New Cloud Computer for Designers, Engineers, and 3D Professionals

Vagon.io is a new cloud computing platform [Source: SolidSmack]

Vagon.io is a new cloud computing platform [Source: SolidSmack]

If you’ve got your eyes peeled for a new or second computer, pause your search and punch in Vagon.io

The new platform offers private computers, built to run high-performance applications, that you can start using in just a couple minutes.

The company has been flying under the radar since launch in October 2019, supported by Sting, a Nordic startup incubator based out of Stockholm. They began out of the frustration a lot of us have faced – the lack of computer power required for the software we use and other options that are just too complicated. 

Their focus was a “Click & Use” computer system that would provide the power whenever you need it with the ability to add more power with one click.

Yes, it’s a computer in the cloud you can use, install software, run simulations, etc, just as you would on a computer at your home or office. Each computer is an individual virtual machine access via browser session which is also compatible with cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.

The pricing is a monthly subscription starting at $7.99/month ($4.99/mth for co-working spaces) with three tiers based on usage and no monthly or yearly commitments. The options include:

  • Professional: 4 cores – 30.5GB RAM – 8GB GPU + $1.29 / hour

  • Challenger: 16 cores – 122GB RAM – 8GB GPU + $2.49 / hour

  • Apollo: 32 cores – 244GB RAM – 2 x 8GB GPU + $4.99 / hour

If one is selected and more/less power is needed, you can select which one to scale up/down to. Windows OS is available with Linux option in the works.

Read the rest at SolidSmack

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