Design of the Week: Glove Remover

Using the 3D printed Glove Remover [Source: atoll]

This week’s selection is the Glove Remover by digital advertising agency atoll.

There have been plenty of COVID-19-inspired 3D print designs lately, but most of them are face shields and door openers, after an initial flurry of ventilator designs that faded away after designers realized they had no business designing complex ventilators in a weekend.

I’m always on the lookout for unusual items that address problems in the pandemic that haven’t been seen before, and the Glove Remover is certainly fitting. It’s an extremely simple design that attaches to a wall and allows hands-free removal of protective gloves.

This is an issue I’ve always had with gloves; it’s hard to remove them without touching the messy part. This is not only a virus situation, but also occurs every time I use a resin 3D printer. You should use nitrile gloves when doing so, as repeated exposure to toxic photopolymer resin is a really bad thing.

There are ways to remove gloves properly with your own hands, and there are even videos showing how this is done:

However, many people don’t understand how to do this properly, even when seeing a video of the process. An alternative approach is to use something like the Glove Remover.

The 3D printed Glove Remover [Source: atoll]

It’s extremely simple to use and so intuitive you need few instructions, if any, to make use of it. Here’s how it works:

You simply slip your gloved hand onto the Glove Remover and the glove slides off. By positioning the Glove Remover upside down, the used glove simply falls into a secure disposal container afterwards.

The 3D printed Glove Remover installed [Source: atoll]

Atoll provides instructions for mounting the Glove Remover securely at an appropriate location for its use. You can mount it on a wall or on a standalone vertical pipe, which should be sufficient for almost any installation.

Anyone using gloves regularly should have something like this handy, and you can download the 3D model for the Glove Remover at no charge from atoll. Both STL and STP versions are provided.

Via atoll (German) (Hat tip to SolidSmack!)

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