Good News From COBOD And Their Construction 3D Printers

By on June 15th, 2020 in Corporate

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Workers beside the BOD2 construction 3D printer [Source: COBOD]

News from COBOD indicates the company turned a profit in 2019.

COBOD is a Danish company that specializes in manufacturing a construction 3D printer. This is a large device used to 3D print concrete structures either on-site or in a factory for delivery to a construction site. They are one of the very few companies making this type of 3D printer, and it seems they are also the most transparent.

I make the point of transparency because this particular segment of the 3D printer market is awash with suspicious companies that seem to be preying on uninformed clients. Even worse, the mass media far too often picks up on their questionable press releases touting a “House 3D Printed in 24 Hours!!!!!”

None of that is true; 3D printers CANNOT produce houses in 24 hours. It is possible they might be able to print the concrete walls in 24 hours, but they certainly cannot produce windows, flooring, paint, electrical, HVAC, etc. All of that must be done in traditional ways, at least until someone invents a rather complex 3D printer that can do all of the above automatically.

I’ve said this before, but construction 3D printers don’t print houses; they merely do the concrete work on a house building project.

That approach seems to be what COBOD is doing. They don’t issue outrageously misleading press releases as we’ve seen from some other construction 3D printer companies. They don’t list features that are literally impossible to build in a machine.

The BOD2 construction 3D printer laying down concrete at high speed [Source: COBOD]

They do issue reasonable statements of their activities, which we often report. One of their recent statements addressed the material from their frequently suspicious competitors.

Now they’ve issued a new statement saying they were profitable in 2019. They say:

“COBOD now published their 2019 financial results showing profits already in the second year of full operation. Many new 3D printing companies in the past have struggled with achieving profit before burning a lot of cash, but that is not the case for COBOD.”

That is a significant result, as many 3D printer companies go for years before becoming profitable, and many die along the way. That doesn’t seem to be the case with COBOD.

Illustration showing the size of the BOD2 construction 3D printer [Source: COBOD]

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder and General Manager of COBOD, said:

“We are very satisfied with this result. It is very few companies, which are capable of becoming profitable so early in their life. This is a testament to the superior functionality, flexibility, speed and quality of our BOD2 3D construction printer and the unique competitiveness of our offer”.

It seems the company was able to sell several BOD2 construction 3D printers in 2019, sufficient to push them into the black. Even better, they say their orders for 2020 are tracking at a pace even higher than 2019, so it could be a banner year for the company.

It seems we now have a viable construction 3D printer manufacturer in the space.


By Kerry Stevenson

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