Gravity Sketch VR Launches CoCreation Beta

Gravity Sketch VR [Source: SolidSmack]

Good news from the folks at Gravity Sketch.

As if sketching in virtual space was not already cool enough, their development team has gone and made it possible to co-create geometry at the same time, in the same virtual space! Not believing this to be kicked enough, they’ve obliterated the need to share a common physical locale.

Yep, now when I don my VR headset and step into the new virtual space, I can be here in the good old US-of-A and share in real-time a virtual co-creative session with a mate a world away in the land down under! I’ve signed up for the co-creation beta and am excited to host my first co-creation session.

In the meantime let’s have a quick look at what co-creation has to offer and the basic workflow.

Co-Creation Workflow

Joining a co-creation session appears to be pretty straightforward. The action appears to be very much the same steps required to launch a personal session except you have the option to choose a “room” to enter. I imagine as everyone arrives you’d experience the “I see you.” or “What’s up? An more than likely the momentary “Hmm?” Once everyone is up and running it’s simply time to get busy!

Gravity Sketch linkup [Source: SolidSmack]

Types of Activities

The great thing about a co-creation session is that it enables all the key stakeholders on a project to participate regardless of their artist or technical capabilities. As such designs can be created from sketch, iterated on, or modifications made on the fly as each person weighs in. Additionally, marketing can review the project even experiencing the product in the context of a virtual point-of-purchase (POP) environment.

Read the rest at SolidSmack

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