The Rise Of The German 3D Printing Subsidiary

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The Rise Of The German 3D Printing Subsidiary
SHINING 3D Technology GmbH features a well-equipped new facility in Stuttgart [Image: SHINING 3D]

Germany is Europe’s largest market for 3D printing and continues to attract new business — including from existing companies establishing operations in the country.

This week, both Italy-based ROBOZE and China-based SHINING 3D have introduced new updates regarding their businesses’ expansions in Germany. Establishing a new branch with its own headquarters is quite a big step, requiring both major investment and major confidence in the strength of that new market.

That two companies with such different focuses within the 3D printing industry have both announced new German operations is a large point of confidence for ongoing growth to come in Germany.


[Image: ROBOZE]

The Italian ROBOZE has long encouraged the industry to “print strong like metal” with their high-performance polymer 3D printing offerings.

They are now taking what they call “a new massive step towards the acceleration of the digital transformation of companies in the DACH area” through introducing a new international HQ. That’s DACH: D (“Germany”), A (“Austria”) and CH (“Switzerland”).

ROBOZE GmbH is described as the first German branch of the company, which sounds like more may be in store for their DACH strategies. It will be based in Munich, a city known not only for its Bavarian beauty but also its central position in Europe — and an ever-increasing presence of industrial 3D printing operations.

ROBOZE GmbH joins ROBOZE Spa (Italy) and ROBOZE Inc. (US), continuing to bring the “print strong like metal” ethos to more users in more countries. 

“This new challenge is part of our wider strategy to have a direct presence in the world’s major markets, to be closer to our customers and with them design the future of additive manufacturing, helping them to innovate, produce and compete by exploiting all the advantages of our technology. The opening of the Munich headquarters is synonymous with great pride and faith for the entire company and we are sure that it will be a success. The decision has been a natural one and has taken on board the strong demand from our current and future German customers and partners,” says Alessio Lorusso, CEO of ROBOZE.

“Germany is an extremely competent and competitive reality, with a high degree of selectivity in terms of quality and professionalism. This strong character has pushed us to have a direct dialogue in this market and to invest in new resources and energy in order to be always at the forefront and close to our German customers.”

Without announcing numbers, the company notes that it “is getting ready to welcome a team composed of specialized technical and commercial staff, able to support customers” in Munich. Over the next three years, ROBOZE GmbH plans “dozens of recruitments.”

While the hiring environment may seem difficult in a very unusual year, ROBOZE GmbH may provide some good opportunities in the Munich area. The release indicates:

“The HR team is currently looking for several people, including a native DACH Territory Manager for sales management and business development, as well as marketing professionals, application engineers, field service engineers. The team will work in the new HQ in Munich which will be operational in the coming months.”

SHINING 3D Technology GmbH

[Image: SHINING 3D]

Also focusing on expansion in Germany is China-based SHINING 3D.

SHINING 3D Technology GmbH is an existing subsidiary, having been founded in 2017 — but it’s getting a shining new location. The new 1,000-square-meter facility is based in Stuttgart, ready for SHINING 3D to “significantly expand its presence in Europe.”

Both 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies come from SHINING 3D, as the 16-year-old company offers an expansive portfolio. Offerings also extend to metrology.

Now, all the better to show off that portfolio, the new location in southern Germany will feature “two showrooms, a reference production, spare parts supply, modern training rooms and various business departments such as sales, finance and marketing.” 

“In addition to the scanning products, the new location enables us to present the entire process chain of additive manufacturing in an industry-oriented manner and to develop suitable solutions for our customers and partners promptly and competently. In addition, due to the central location in the heart of southern Germany with numerous important companies and industries as well as the proximity to the airport and important motorways, we are close to our customers and partners,” said Xiaoping Huang, General Manager of SHINING 3D Technology GmbH.

The European base will enhance the company’s support for customers on the continent. Operations in Stuttgart will also include a free consultation service, in-house production of reference parts, and access to on-site training for customers adopting new equipment.

While SHINING 3D does not indicate hiring to come at the new location, they do note that they employ 20 in Stuttgart. They also have an Italian branch, and now between operations in Italy and Germany are better poised for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) support.

Today, SHINING 3D has also announced a partnership with Turkey-based 3Dörtgen to support Turkish adoption of 3D scanning solutions.

SHINING 3D now operates three primary businesses: its Hangzhou, China HQ, the Stuttgart subsidiary, and a subsidiary in San Francisco, California. With customers based in more than 70 countries around the world, these global operations are a strong strategic decision.

3D Printing in Germany

Germany is among the largest national users of 3D printing technologies in the world, and is generally regarded as the European leader in the industry.

Brining more operations into the country will enable not only localized sales and support, but also the potential to leverage local resources — including through access to an experienced pool of workers familiar with advanced manufacturing technologies.

That two companies within as many days have announced expanded operations in the country is perhaps a coincidence. But it may also point at even more to come from the busy German economy as 3D printing continues to rise as an industry technology.

Via ROBOZE and Shining 3D

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